How to fix Mac crashing after upgrading to Big Sur?

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Problem: How to fix Mac crashing after upgrading to Big Sur?

Hello. I have a problem with my Mac. I installed the latest operating system update and everything was fine. However, it has recently started to close unexpectedly and takes a long time to start and even restart or load the browser. I have not installed anything else. Can you help me fix this issue with my Mac crashing after Big Sur update?

Resolved answer

That the Mac closes after updating to Big Sur is a problem that has been reported by users with versions 11.0.1, 11.1.1, 11.2.1 and other versions. It seems that the problem is with multiple devices as well as users with iMacs and macOS devices have reported their frustrations with unexpected shutdowns, freezes, and app issues.

Frequent unexpected system shutdowns and similar device problems can be caused by direct update errors. It is common for the Mac to shut down unexpectedly after the Big Sur update, as it is triggered by incompatibility in the system and program versions. You may experience problems with application freezes, general system problems, and browser problems.

Unexpected Mac shutdowns after Big Sur update isn’t the only Big Sur update-related issue that interferes with directly updating the system or frustrates people after installing it. Users have reported various issues, such as errors during updates, problems with the screen, freezing of particular applications, unexpected closings of the browser and so on.

The system management driver may be related to Mac shutdown issues after Big Sur update, so troubleshooting SMC files and other parts may fix the problem. SMC is responsible for managing behaviors related to various functions and features, so you may notice corruptions in various places related to:

  • Stream and stream ports.
  • Battery and charging.
  • Indicators such as status lights (sleep, battery charging, and others).
  • Behavior when the lid is opened and closed.
  • Browsers and programs in particular.

Mac crashes frequently after Big Sur upgrade

You can fix Mac crashes after Big Sur update and fix additional problems with programs that fix system files and functions. You can trust ReimageMac Washing Machine X9 or a tool compatible with your device that is similar and belongs to the category of system optimizers. Some of your problems can be solved if you trust a compatible application and its functions.

Restart NVRM to fix Mac crashes after upgrading to Big Sur

  • Turn off the device.
  • Once the Mac turns on, immediately hold the keys Option + Command + P + R on the keyboard.
  • Keep them for 20 seconds.
  • Stop pressing them when the computer starts to charge.

Make sure you have the latest operating system update

  • Click on the icon Manzana to access the Menu.
    About this mac option
  • Choose About this Mac and go to Update software.
    Updates for macOS
  • If an update is available, install it.

Clean Safari from incompatible apps to fix Mac crashing unexpectedly after upgrading to Big Sur

The closure may be related to particular browser closures, if so:

  • Go to the menu in Safari and select preferences.
  • Click on Extensions.Extensions
  • Search the list and uncheck the boxes for each one.
  • Close preferences and closes.
  • Open again the browser and check if this is helping.

Restart SMC on computers with T2 Security chip

here is the list of machines with Apple’s particular T2 security chip. If your device has it, you can fix Mac crashes like this:

  • Turn off the machine.
  • Press Y keep the power button for at least 10 seconds.
  • Stop pressing the button.
  • Wait and press the button again to turn on the computer.
  • Then turn off the Mac and follow these steps via the keyboard:
    Press and hold the key Control.
    Press and hold Option / Alt.
    Hold the key Shift on the right.
  • Keep holding these buttons for 7 seconds and then press the power button. Your Mac should shut down.
  • Hold all four keys poo 10 seconds.
  • Stop pressing them.
  • Turn on the device.

Restart SMC on other computers

  • Turn off the device.
  • Hold the keys Shift Y Control on the left of your keyboard.
  • Press and hold the button Control on your keyboard.
  • Press the power button while holding all three keys.
  • Hold all keys for 10 seconds.
  • Release pressing and press the power button to turn on your Mac.

Reinstall macOS

  • Go to utilities in macOS recovery.
  • Choose Reinstall macOS and click Continue.

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