How to fix Bluetooth connection problems on Android

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The Bluetooth connection is useful for a myriad of things. Allows the peripheral linking such as headphones, keyboards, smart watches, and much more. The list of add-ons that use this protocol is so large that your possibilities are almost endless. But what can you do if you are having problems with the Bluetooth on your mobile? If you find yourself in that situation, keep reading because this article interests you.

The main problems of the Bluetooth connection and their solutions

Next, you will find some steps to diagnose and point out the exact problem that is occurring in the Bluetooth connection of your device. Thus, it will be much easier for you to find a solution.

Initial checks to detect failure

Bluetooth malfunctions can be caused by either of the two devices participating in the connection. Therefore, before concluding that the problem is with your phone, check that the accessory can connect to another terminal. Trying to pair a different accessory to your phone may also help. If in both cases you manage to establish a connection, it is clear that the failure does not come from your mobile.

Reset the Bluetooth peripheral

To solve errors in Bluetooth accessories, you should go to manufacturer’s instruction manual. Many include a method of resetting the accessory and returning it to its factory condition. In most cases, a peripheral can be reset by pressing and holding one or more specific buttons. Then just try pairing it with Android again.

Turn the Bluetooth connection off and on again

If you are convinced that the problem is caused by your phone, start turning off and on the Bluetooth connection again. In this way, you will restart your device’s adapter and eliminate any temporary errors that are preventing it from working normally. The easiest way is from the notification curtain.

Turn Bluetooth on and offTurn Bluetooth on and off

Press repeatedly on the Bluetooth icon to turn it on and off.

Delete the device and pair it again

Another option is delete the bluetooth device you want to link and pair again. You just have to go to the settings menu and, in the list of devices, click on the peripheral in question.

Select a deviceSelect a device

So, tap on Forget.

Forget a deviceForget a device

At this point, it’s time to pair both devices again. Of course, it will be necessary to make its configuration from scratch.

Restart the mobile

If so far none of the tricks that we have mentioned has turned out to be effective, try reboot the system operational. Thus, you will close the active processes and force Android to reload certain files, making any specific errors disappear.

Unnamed Bluetooth devices

Another common problem is that some Bluetooth devices are not visible to the phone. This may be because they have no name. To display these peripherals, go to the section About phone and repeatedly click on the build number. Doing this will activate the developer options.

Activate developer toolsActivate developer tools

So go to System in the phone settings and open Developer options.

Developer options on AndroidDeveloper options on Android

There, activate the option Show Bluetooth devices without names.

Activate unnamed Bluetooth devicesActivate unnamed Bluetooth devices

When you return to the list of Bluetooth devices, you will be able to see all those that have no name. Instead, the MAC address will be displayed. Compare it to the one on the device label to identify it.

Reset connection settings

Resetting the connection settings can also help you troubleshoot. To do so, you must go to the section System, in the Android settings, and select Reset options.

Reset deviceReset device

So, tap on Reset Wi-Fi, mobile & Bluetooth.

Reset network settingsReset network settings

Note that this will remove all custom settings that are related to the internet connection. It will also erase stored networks and devices.

Try pairing with Bluetooth Pair

Also, a good way to rule out errors is to use a third party app to connect with your favorite devices. Bluetooth Pair is one of those applications. After downloading and installing it, open it. On its main screen, you will see all the devices that are available to pair. Tap on Pair to start linking.

Bluetooth PairBluetooth Pair

When pairing is complete, your device should have already been paired.

Restore mobile

The penultimate step that we invite you to take before you start thinking about hardware problems is a complete system restore. This can be carried out from the section System phone settings. There, you must click on Reset options.

Reset optionsReset options

Unlike the previous point, now you must choose the option Erase all data (factory reset).

Apply factory resetApply factory reset

Wait for the process to finish and configure your device again. Be careful not to restore it with a backup copy. Rather, set it up as a new device. Then check if the Bluetooth connection is working properly.

Detect if it is a hardware problem with Device Info

If you’ve made it this far, the problem is most likely due to a hardware failure. An application that can help you in these cases is Device Info. With it, you can make checks on the different sensors and components of your terminal, which includes the Bluetooth connection. Once downloaded and installed, go to the tab Tests. There, select Bluetooth.

Start the Bluetooth testStart the Bluetooth test

Wait for the app to check. Only if you get the message Test passed it will mean that the component is working properly.

Bluetooth test passed successfullyBluetooth test passed successfully

If not, there is most likely a hardware problem. What options do you have then? First, make use of the manufacturer’s guarantee. If your device has not reached two years, contact the firm to offer you a solution. If the age of your mobile exceeds this period of time, you will have to go to the technical service to have the necessary parts changed.

Try all of these solutions in order, we just hope you don’t have to get to the last point.