How to find where you have parked your car?

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Mobile phones offer us a lot of solutions for our day-to-day tasks. In the field of driving, we can choose from dozens of applications that facilitate this action to the maximum, such as those that provide us with real-time information on traffic, radar detectors and much more. In the case of parking, we will tell you what these apps can do for you so that you always know the location of your car.

Save the parking location with Google Maps

It is by all known that Google maps is the most widely used circulation app on the entire planet. Its location system positions us on the map with the greatest precision, and allows us to get from one point to another easily thanks to its navigation system. In addition to this, we can also access other really useful tools, such as reminding ourselves where we have parked our car.

The app uses its GPS system and the Location of our mobile to save the exact location of the vehicle. On the other hand the bluetooth we will also have to activate it. Any phone has it installed by default, and added to its popularity it is the best option to find our car.

Record where the car is

google maps

To activate this function, all we have to do is follow the following steps:

  • Opens Google maps on your device and access the tab To explore.
  • With the car already parked and the Location of our activated phone, click on the blue Point that appears on the screen.
  • Once inside, we will be shown a screen with several options. We look for the one that says Save where you have the car.
  • Automatically An icon will appear right at the location of your vehicle. You already have it activated.

Once we have confirmed the location of our car park, at the bottom of the screen we can access a tab with the name of More information. Here we have several options available to make it even easier for us to find our car. To start with, we can to share the location through our mail, social networks and other services. It also allows us change the location in case we have not adjusted it correctly.

On the other hand, we also have the section Parking Notes, in which we can leave some clues or details so that when we return for our car, it will be easier for us to locate it. To finish, the last section allows us Add Photos. In this way, we can take pictures of the car and the area where we have parked it so that it is really easy for us to find it.

Write down the time of the ticket in the application

parking time

As if that were not enough, Maps also allows us to set the Time remaining if we have obtained a parking ticket. Through this reminder we will know how much time we have to take the car, or warn us of the time remaining to renew it again. When we do, it will be shown on the application map, which will be updated as the minutes go by. In the same way, when we go to pick up the car and click on the location of the car park, the app will show us the route to get there quickly.

Extra trick: ask Google Assistant where you left the car

google assistantGoogle assistant It also helps us to know where we have parked our car. Through voice commands, we will not even have to touch the screen to know the location of the car park. It is an even simpler tool than Maps and we can skip many more steps. If we activate the location, it will provide us with more detailed information about the place where we have parked. To activate this service, we have to do the following:

  • Press and hold the home button on your device or instead, say the voice command «Ok Google ».
  • You then set a command to tell it where you have parked. For example, «I have parked here», “Remember where I parked” or “My car is on the second floor”. In addition, you can also type it with the keyboard.

You have many possibilities to let the Assistant know where you have parked. On the other hand, when we go to pick it up, we can use the commands again. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Press and hold the home button on your device or instead, say the voice command «Ok Google ».
  • Now, ask the Assistant where the vehicle is parked. You can say “Where have I parked?” And other similar commands. It will automatically show you the closest route to your car’s location.

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Alternatives to Google Maps to find a vehicle

Apart from these two options, there are many more applications that can help us find our vehicle. In the shop of Google play there are apps for all tastes. Find the parked car easily memorize the position of our car through its GPS system and mobile data. It will locate the coordinates quickly and it also tells us the distance we are from the car, a fairly simple but effective option at the same time.

Another very good alternative is found in Fixy. When we have saved the location, it will start planning the route from the moment we get out of the car. Once we want to return, it will show us the fastest route through the location of our mobile. We can also take a photo of the place where we have parked and save several vehicles at the same time. It also incorporates an alert system to notify us of the ticket deadline.

By last, Parking It is one of the most complete options that we can find. It works through bluetooth, so we will have to activate it in the car and on the mobile. It is not necessary to enter the application, since it works in a similar way to Maps. It also allows us to add reminders, take photos and a history with the places where we have recently parked.