How to find gas stations and see prices

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Google Maps - Navigation and public transport
Google Maps - Navigation and public transport

What gas stations can you see in Spain and abroad

Apart from seeing other elements such as the schedule or the attendance of the service station, the function lies in being able to see fuel prices at each gas station of the Spanish territory. This includes any type of fuel, as it shows what a liter costs for diesel, S95 gasoline and SP98 gasoline. However, Google Maps shows by default in the thumbnail of the list of gas stations only the price of the SP95. It is also difficult to know the accuracy of the displayed prices, taking into account the volatility of the fuel price.

google maps gas stations abroad

The same curiosity is piqued whether we can see the gas stations in Spain as abroad. Many of the trips outside our borders are made by car, or better yet, trucker and bus driver jobs can greatly benefit from this tool. All these groups that we have discussed do kilometers on the roads of other countries, so it is good to know if this works for any part of the world.

The truth is Google Maps allows you to see the prices of any country, for two reasons. The first, because it is a function that is available in other countries, apart from Spain. The second is that the search is so globalized that, even residing in Spain, we can see the gas stations and their prices in another country. Of course, with nuances, since they do not appear in all, something that depends on the importance or location of each gas station.

How to find gas stations in Google Maps with an economic price

The first thing you have to do is enter Google Maps. Once inside the application, search on the button »Gas stations» that you have in the quick search row below the search bar. You can also search by hand for the word ‘gas stations’, or go to the options of those quick buttons to find the one for the gas stations in the event that it does not appear by default.

When you press or search for gas stations, they will be marked on the map with a red icon with its symbol. Here you can do two things. You can click on the button »View list» or manually navigate the map to be able to explore all the gas stations around you. Above, you will see that by default they are ordered by relevance, but by clicking on that button you can also order them by proximity to your location.

If you decide to manually explore the gas stations, you can move around the screen by sliding your finger and zoom in or out with the pinch gesture on the screen. When the gas stations that appear on the map are open, their prices will be printed below the name so that they can serve as a reference.

how to see prices petrol stations google mapsIf you click on the option to see the list of gas stations, you will forget about the map and you will see a list with all the ones near you. By default, the list will show the gas stations ordered by relevance, but above you can change this filter to put the order by distance. In addition, you can also activate the filter »Open now» so that those that are closed do not appear.

When you click on the name of one of the gas stations, it does not matter whether it is on the map or in the list, you will access its Google Maps file. In this tab you will see the prices of four types of fuel from each of the gas stations. Thus, you will be able to enter the cards of the closest gas stations and see which ones have a price that convinces you the most.