How to find channels on my Smart TV Android TV?

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tune channels android tv

If you have a new television and you want to tune the channels, or you need to retune them because they have changed, there is a new channel or you have any other reason to search for new ones, we will tell you how you can tune your TV channels with this operating system. In it, its configuration options are usually very similar, although the TV models are very diverse and it can change in some nuances, however, you will not find problems for doing this step on your Smart TV.

Tune channels

We will tell you how you should do it in your Smart tvHowever, before following the steps that we will mention below, you must have your television set up and configure network access. It is found in the settings of the television, you just have to follow the instructions of your manufacturer. You will generally have to plug in a cable or use the network Wifi. After that you will have to go to the button home (or some other similar one) and give to Network, Network configuration, choose the type of connection and when it detects this, indicate the access data. Wait for it to connect.

It is also recommended that you have your firmware updated. It is also good that set up your Google account if you haven’t already. Generally, you will find it in the Home button, settings, Add account and Google. You enter your email, password, give next and wait for the account to be verified. Once you follow these steps, you are ready to search for new channels.

Android TV

If you want to tune the TV on Android TVs of different brands, the steps are usually those that we are going to mention below, although they may differ somewhat depending on the manufacturer. What you have to do is look for the Home button on your remote control. On the screen, you have to find the section Settings your TV and enter the Settings Channels, then in Digital Configuration and then in Digital Tuning. If you give the Auto Tuning Frequency Margin and the Full option, you will make sure you have more. You just have to give Digital Autotune and tune them.

Instead of auto tuning, you can opt for the digital manual tuning so that they appear and select them manually, although the most comfortable option is the previous one. You will find an option to edit the list of programs or similar that you should use later if you want to order them according to your preferences and make the use of your television more comfortable.

android tv


Once you connect your TV to the antenna, you can use the automatic programming to search for them. To do this, you must select the Home button on your television and go to Settings. This may change depending on your TV options, but the steps are Channels, Channel settings or Watch TV, Channels and Configuration. You must select the type of signal, between cable or antenna and give Automatic programming. It may take a few minutes depending on which ones are found.

sony settings

Remember that these depend on their type, location of your antenna and region, so you can receive one or the other depending on where you are. If you have trouble finding them, go back to the same option and wait. For order themYou can go to the settings section of the general menu and Channel or digital configuration or then to edit the program list. You stand on top of the channel number, give to enter and you can change it, or you can do it by moving the channels with the arrows. Hit the back key to finish. Remember that these steps may depend on the TV model.


If you want to configure them on your Philips TV, the configuration may be similar to the one indicated above, although it will depend on the model since there are many models of the brand. To program them on your Philips TV, you must go to Menu on your remote control, give Setting and move through the menu until Automatic programming. You select the antenna for television or cable channels for CATV and it will detect the signals to search for those that are available. Now you can start enjoying television programming.

In this brand, there are other options to search In DVB-T antenna, you can go to Home, select Settings, Channel installation, Reinstall, country, DVB antenna, settings, frequency scan and complete. You give ready, start and follow the instructions. From DVB-C, you follow the same steps, but choose the corresponding option.

philips search channels

Other televisions

For other televisions, if the operation is not similar to the one we have mentioned, you will have to go to Menu, Settings, Home, Start and go to the section of Installation or Configuration. There you will find a section that refers to them, such as tuning, search or configuration. It is best that you use the automatic search, although later you may have to order them to configure them according to your needs or preferences. You can also opt for manual search (instead of automatic), although it is much less practical and advisable if you want to search for a single channel or want to keep the settings in order.

Depending on your TV, the search may be more or less simple. For example, there are Mi TV models that will work with Live TV and others just go to TV, more settings and channel search. If you need help from the manufacturer, you can contact them through their technical support service, here you will see the contacts of the main brands.

Apps or TV tuner

Although most televisions have a TV application where you can watch and tune in to the channels, if not, you can use the Live TV app, so we will tell you how you can configure and use it. On your Android TV you have to go to the home screen and then to Applications. From there, select the service Live TV. If it is not, you can download it from your Play Store.

If you don’t have the Live TV app, just go to the Play Store and search for apps and games or explore in its content. If you search, you indicate this application and you give to install. You just have to follow the instructions on the screen. You will have to choose the font you use to load them. When you have loaded them, you just have to click ready and then you will see them every time you open this application. There are many interesting applications from which you can watch live television.

android tv apps

Add or remove channels

If you want to add or remove channels if you use apps or TV tuner with Android TV, you just have to go to the home screen, scroll to the application row and select Live TV again. Click the Select Now button TV options. There you must select the Channel Settings and Customize channel list. This is where you will select the ones you want to see in the schedule, so all you have to do is choose them.

You can also remove the ones that don’t interest you from there to tailor the TV viewing experience according to your criteria. If you press the back button you can return to the live broadcast. If you want to add more that are in a specific service, you can add the application and follow the corresponding steps.

See the channels

With the command you can easily change channels on your television, much easier than you imagined. You can also choose a channel from the schedule. To do this, you will go to the home screen and go down to applications. Then select the Live TV service and go to Select. Choose Program Guide and a channel to watch it. Although it may seem like several steps, you will get to the desired channel in a very short time.

You can see those of Tivify, TDT Channels and other services on your Android TV just by installing the application. Whether you use the applications or a television tuner, the channels that you have saved will appear every time you access this application and you will be able to enjoy them. If you want to adapt them to your liking, remember that you can add, remove or order them according to your preferences.

tdt channels android tv

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