How to extract your photos from wallpaper on Android

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Table of Contents

Sometimes we have a wallpaper that we like so much that we would like to be able to work with it to send it outside of our mobile phone (either to edit the image, or to share it with our contacts). The question of how to do it is the one that we are going to address in this article, where you will see that, with the right tools and knowledge, there is no mystery. As always when we talk about Android, we will deal with the question of how to extract the wallpapers from your mobile phone in two possible ways: one that relies on what the phone brings natively, and another that requires the use of an application. Go for it.

Before continuing, it is worth noting that this method does not work on all phones. Without going any further, if you have a Google Pixel or a terminal from the Android One family, go to the next point. If not, keep reading.

In some models, you can find the folder where your wallpapers are saved through the photo gallery of your terminal. To check if this is your case, open the gallery and look for the binder Wallpaper or Wallpapers. If the folder exists on your device, find the image you like the most and do a long press on it.

Once you have the image selected, a series of options should appear regarding the operations you can perform with it: print the image, share it, send it by WhatsApp or email, post it on social networks … if this is your case, your trip ends here.

For this we are going to use an app called Wallpaper Saver. First of all, download and install it using the button that you will find at the end of this article.

When you have it, open it.

As soon as you open it, you will see that it has already automatically saved the wallpaper you have on:

Capture the wallpaper with Wallpaper SaverCapture the wallpaper with Wallpaper Saver

If you want to go to the image to edit it, it is best to use a file explorer (in this example we have used Files from Google) and look for the folder wallpapers, which is where Wallpaper Saver will store your funds:

Wallpaper folder contentWallpaper folder content

If you now click on the saved wallpaper, you will see that you can perform with it all the operations that we describe a little above:

Options to share the stored wallpaperOptions to share the stored wallpaper

As you can see, this process is very simple and does not involve any kind of difficulty.