How to expel water and dirt from the speakers of an Android mobile with applications

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How to expel water and dirt from the speakers of an Android mobile with applications

One of the problems if your mobile falls into the water, even waterproof, is that the speakers sound bad: very low volume, distorted sound and other nasty problems. Do not resign yourself, there are ways to recover sound at least to some extent and at least in some cases.

Apps that promise to help you remove water and dirt from the mobile speakers using sounds or vibrations at specific frequencies. We present the best ways to expel water or dirt that could be altering the sound of your Android mobile.

On Xiaomi phones with MIUI 12

If you have a Xiaomi mobile with MIUI 12, the good news is that you don’t need to install anything. One of the functions of the system is precisely the speaker cleaner, accessible from the mobile settings. You will find it in Settings> Additional settings> Clean speaker.

Check the box and the mobile will play an audio for 30 seconds that could help you expel dust, dirt or water from the mobile that was on the speaker. Xiaomi recommends using this setting between two and five times while shaking the device and with the speaker pointing down.


With a web

Another way to clean the mobile speakers without installing anything and regardless of the brand of the mobile is using the web It is a very simple website that includes a single button: when pressed, a “specific tone” is played whose waves are designed to help water evacuation from the speakers.


It is a good first option, because you do not need to do anything and the process is extremely simple. However, it includes fewer options than specialized applications that we will see next. If this website doesn’t work for you, keep trying.

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With apps

If none of the above works, you can always go to Google Play to download applications specialized in removing water, dust and dirt of the mobile’s speakers. These are the six main options that you will find.

Speaker Cleaner


Speaker Cleaner is a specialized application to clean your speakers from dust or trapped water. It is quite simple, it only has a button that makes a automatic cleaning. The application plays a tone that gets sharper every second.

The application recommends that you put the phone screen down and turn up the volume to the maximum. When the cleaning is done, you can do a sound check by playing royalty-free songs.

Speaker cleaner - Remove Water |  Dust & fix sound

Speaker cleaner – Remove Water | Dust & fix sound

Expel the water

Eject water

Ejecting the water is practically identical to the previous application. It is the same approach and the design is similar. It is also recommended that you put the mobile with the screen on the table during cleaning.

The only difference between Expel the water Y Speaker Cleaner the thing is the tone played is differentSo it may be worth trying both apps to see which one works best for you. When finished you can test the result from the app itself.

Eject the water - Repair the speaker

Eject the water – Repair the speaker

Speaker Cleaner


Speaker Cleaner is another application specialized in cleaning mobile speakers from water and dirt. It has a bit more advertising, although in return it brings some extra options. To start with, you can make a manual cleaning choosing the exact frequency you want to use.

Speaker Cleaner also has an automatic cleaning mode where you don’t have to do anything. This time, you have two modes to choose from the same application, thus having twice the probability of success.

Speaker Cleaner - Remove Water, Dust & Boost Sound

Speaker Cleaner – Remove Water, Dust & Boost Sound

Repair the speaker


Repairing the speaker is the same thing, although with a somewhat more chaotic interface. The application has both a manual and automatic mode. Manual mode allows you to choose the sound frequency to use.

Automatic cleaning does not require your intervention and is available at two modes. Both automatic and manual cleaning are available in a speaker and headphone mode, in case it’s a pair of headphones that fell into the water and they no longer sound good.

Repair Speaker - Eject Water

Repair Speaker – Eject Water

Tester and Cleaner


Another cleaning app is Tester and Cleaner. The advantage of this application over others that we have included in this list is that it also helps you test if the speakers work well. The test reproduces sounds at various frequencies and the idea is that you use this to see if they are working correctly or not.

It also has a cleaning function, accessible from the tab Clean. This application recommends you put the phone with the speaker pointing to the ground, for gravity to do the rest.

Speaker Tester & Cleaner: Fix Audio

Speaker Tester & Cleaner: Fix Audio

Speaker cleaner


Finally we have Speaker Cleaner, which is the ultimate cleaning application. It has more or less the same as the rest of the applications on the list, but with something else. Has mode automatic, manual and vibration.

Manual mode lets you choose the frequency, while automatic cleaning has four different modes. Perhaps the most curious thing is the presence of vibration mode, which does not use sound, but rather vibration to try to get dirt out of the speakers.

Speaker cleaner: remove water, fix

Speaker cleaner: remove water, fix

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How to expel water and dirt from the speakers of an Android mobile with applications

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