How to evolve Combee into Vespiquen

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Table of Contents

After many hours dedicated to a Pokémon game, the most typical thing that usually happens is that we accumulate many specimens of the same species, so many are useless. However, we can use them to evolve them to their next version. And it is that Combee is a Pokémon that can be certainly strange when it comes to evolving, because surely on more than one occasion you have wanted to evolve it and have not found any option for it, and we are going to tell you why.

Pokemon go
Pokemon go

Evolve creatures in Pokémon GO

First of all, evolving Pokémon in Pokémon Go is very simple, to do it we only need to use Candy of the same species of the Pokémon we want to evolve. You have to enter the tab of the captured Pokémon and under the button «More Power» you will find the one of “Evolve”. If the Pokémon does not have possible evolutions (because they do not exist or it no longer has more) this button will not be available.

evolve combee percentages pokemon go

As a general rule 25, 50 or 100 candies are needed to evolve a Pokémon, although some specimens may require more, such as Magikarp or Wailmer that ask for up to 400 candies. Additionally, Shadow Pokémon that have been purified are discounted by 10%. Also certain Pokémon have some added requirement to proceed with their evolution.

How to evolve Combee into Vespiquen

Well, in the case that concerns us, is that when you catch a Combee you should check if it has a small orange mark on the upper part of the lower face. Those Combee who have this mark are rarer to appear, and are exactly female. In this way the most common Combee are those that do not have marks and are males, and unfortunately the males are the ones that cannot evolve.

If it is not clear to you if the Combee you have are male or female you can always check gender in the corresponding menus after catching them. In this way, when you capture a male Combee, which are the most common, they will only be useful for the subject of sweets and little else, since combat skills are not exactly powerful. Also, only female Combee can evolve into Vespiquen, and for this we will require 50 Combee candies.

evolve male and female combeeHow do I make a female Combee appear? The first thing you should do is walk around 25 KM. After that, wait for Monday, the day when they reset the counters from Pokémon GO. Subsequently, you will receive not only Poké Ball, but also an egg to hatch. This will be 5 KM. If you are lucky, it is 12.5% ​​possible that it is a female Combee and it evolves into Vespiquen.

Vespiquen Features

This evolution is an insect and flying dual-type Pokémon and is weak to rock, fire, flying, ice, and electric-type moves. On the other hand, it is resistant to insect, fighting, grass and dirt type movements. Its abdomen is a honeycomb of larvae that it feeds on honey collected by Combee. It has the following characteristics:

  • Health: 70
  • Speed: 40
  • Attack: 80
  • Defending: 102
  • Special attack: 80
  • Special defense: 102

We advise you to use the following moves in battle, such as sting, which is a quick move, as well as buzz, which is a charged move. What you are going to have enough difficult is to get a Shiny Combee / Vespiquen since in principle it is unlikely that it will be available in evolution, although it can happen.