How to enable dark mode in Android

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The ways dark are out of fashion in the world of Android. The applications already take some time playing with them, but it has not been until relatively recently that all have added to its implementation. Dark mode offers benefits such as for example to reduce visual fatigue of the user or to save battery if you have OLED screens. If you want to know how you can activate dark mode in Android, then read on. We tell you everything you need.

How to activate the Dark Theme in Android 10

Activate dark mode in Android 10 is very, very easy, because it has been implemented natively in the system. It is as simple as follow the route Settings > Display and there click on Dark theme:

Dark mode in Android 10Dark mode in Android 10

To turn it off if you are not convince, it is as easy as re-pressing in Dark theme to make that return to the normal mode.

How to enable dark mode in Android 9 Foot

Android Foot, but there are also this way, it offers the full, but it offers more of a breakthrough that this dark mode is in Android 10. It’s also worth noting that not all terminals that have Android Walk have such a mode, depede of the manufacturers (yes you can find in all terminals with Android One or Android Go).

If our terminal itself has a dark mode, the path will vary depending on the manufacturer. For models with Android pure the path is Settings > Display > Advanced > Theme of the device.

But, for example, if you have a Samsung phone with Android Walk the route to follow is Settings > Display and press on Night mode to apply the dark theme:

Dark mode Android on SamsungDark mode Android on Samsung

In others, such as Xiaomi have to go to the path Settings > home Screen & recent > Funds and there click on Dark:

Dark mode Android on XiaomiDark mode Android on Xiaomi

The implementation of a dark mode in the Android Pie is not complete, as we said, the system passes the colors light to dark (the app drawer, the bar of quick settings, the notification and the search are passed from the white to the black), but not implemented in the rest of applications.

How to enable dark mode in earlier verions of Android

In this case, we are going to use Nova Launcher (it will not be the first, nor the last, that this popular app we offer easy solutions to problems seemingly complex). First, download it, install it and open it.

Secondly, go to the settings of Nova and search there Night mode:

Settings of Nova LauncherSettings of Nova Launcher

Click on the option and, at the top right of the screen, press to change the value of Off to Activated:

Night mode Nova LauncherNight mode Nova Launcher

It is important to note that the dark mode only works properly if you apply a color pure black, so be sure to select the code #000000 when I turn it on. Apply it also to the search bar, the app drawer and others if you feel appropriate.

Some applications that already come with a dark mode

There are from a long time ago apps that implement dark mode. We see some of them below:

  • Google Photos: Many of the Google applications already have a dark mode. The gallery app, the Big G has changed its color scheme, wearing the bright colours to a range of greys.
  • YouTube: Some time ago app with this new scheme, which behaves very similar to the Google Photos. It even encourages users who do not have it enabled to try it out.
  • GBoard: The keyboard of Google has included a dark mode that leaves the keys in black.
  • Facebook Messenger: If active, the white colors are replaced by pure black that help you save battery, in addition to reducing visual fatigue.
  • Viber: This popular alternative to WhatsApp account from long ago with a dark mode that places the app in colors grey and black.
  • Skype: While its popularity is no longer as it was, today it is still one of the favorite options to make video calls. It also has a dark mode that turns black the white areas.
  • Todoist: This popular list of tasks also changes light colors by shades of grey and black.
  • Evernote: The popular note-taking app that is synchronized across different devices allows you to put your background in black.

What is dark mode really effective?

We said in the first lines of the article that the battery-saving mode dark only works on OLED displays, either on the OLED and normal streams or the AMOLED and Super AMOLED riding (and sell) the koreans from Samsung. Why?

Think of a LCD display normal and ordinary as in a light switch. This switch only has two positions: on and off. This means that LCD screens are lit over its entire surface when the terminal is not turned off or at rest, and is independent of the colors or the messages that are displayed on the screen.

In contrast, an OLED screen can turn on or off its pixels separately. Each black dot on a screen of this class is equivalent to a pixel off, which underscores the importance of applying colors to pure black in the modes dark: a few more pixels to off in the screen, the greater the battery savings we will experience.

If the ways dark are implemented poorly, nothing of all this serves. If the colors that shows the app they’re not black, but shades of dark greys, there will be no pixels turned off without providing information and, therefore, there will not be a real saving.