How to edit the cover of a created playlist

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Table of Contents

It is a new way of managing playlist. Not so much when creating them, which remains as it was, but rather when they allow us to change their artwork, or choose, at least, the album art to be seen by default.

How to edit the cover of playlists in Spotify

The app that we recommend allows you to create covers for the playlists from your mobile, all in a very simple way, without needing design notions and without having to do anything other than press a few buttons on the screen. SpotiPlus connects with Spotify to upload the covers created to the playlists you want, you can even download said covers as an image. And the best thing is that its appearance is super professional.

spotiplus edit cover spotify

With the SpotiPlus application, you can get your Spotify playlists to match your tastes. This convenient tool allows you to create the cover as you want: add your texts, change the size, choose the background color, the image and directly apply the cover in Spotify with a couple of taps. Very practical. The process is equally simple, just download the application and follow the steps to create your own covers:

  1. Open SpotiPlus, you will see an example cover with three lower tabs: the brush, for the background color; the photo, for the cover image; the ‘T’, for the text. Each tab edits a portion of the cover.
  2. Choose the background color for the cover, it is the first step to customize it.
  3. Go to the image and load the element that will identify your list. SpotiPlus integrates a huge number of elements, but does not allow loading new. These elements are prepared for the cover as they have shading.
  4. Go to the text tab and choose any of the two messages on the cover: the top and the bottom (a pencil appears to edit each component). You can write what you want, select its size with the slider, choose the font and where the text will be aligned (left, center or right).
  5. Once the cover page is completed, click on the top ‘Next’. There you can upload it to Spotify (green button) or save the image as JPEG (white button).
  6. Connect to Spotify and select one of your playlists: SpotiPlus will replace your cover with the one you created.
Cover Maker for Spotify playlists
Cover Maker for Spotify playlists

There is always a second option

For some reason, we may not have the option to update the Spotify app or want to do it in another way. It is not about editing the cover itself, but we can modify it with the songs that we have in said playlist. For this, the requirement is that we have songs included in the playlist, so that we can edit it.

edit cover spotify menu

Therefore, we must edit the songs in the playlist, and place the songs in the first four positions whose thumbnails we would like to see on the cover of the playlist. We save the data and voila, the cover of the playlist changed. What we have to do is access the list and click on the three vertical buttons at the top of the screen.

edit cover spotify songs

A context menu appears with different configuration options, from which we must select “Edit playlist”. A list will be shown with which we can freely order the songs, thus making it possible to place the first four songs that we want to edit the cover of the playlist.