How to download YouTube videos without software

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Want to see the new Sean Paul or Rihanna clip that just aired on Armada TV? What to do to get the video when you don’t have the download managers?

How to download Youtube videos for free without software on PC or MAC?

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Rather than bothering to install a ton of software on the machine, the technique is to simply tweak the link. Note that the hack that we are going to offer today works on most desktop or mobile web browsers. The first thing to do is go to the address of the video. This is an easy thing to do as you’ve seen the video before and aren’t sure what to do to save it.

Then you need to pause the video if you are on a computer to better perform the next operation. The solution that we are going to offer is to click on the URL bar and change some letters of the link. For computer users, they will have something like

As for those addicted to mobile browsing, they will have a link in the form of Be careful, do not click on the links that we have cited as they only serve to illustrate the explanation. The next step is to delete www. or the m. in front of and change them to ss.

How to download YouTube videos without software on Android?

In short, if we follow our example, you will have After modifying the link and clicking Enter or OK, you will be redirected to the site. The site offers various video formats ready to download without using any software.

Is it possible to use voobys or an online download site?

Changing the initial link with “ss” is common, but there is also another way in the same category which is to change the word “youtube” in the link to “voobys”. Unfortunately, this trick only works on certain videos.

Otherwise, you can paste the video link directly to sites like,,,, or The list of sites to download free YouTube videos is long and you can use the platform that best suits your expectations.

How to download YouTube videos to MP3?

Now you know how to recover video, in video format, but there may be times when you only need audio, for one song or another. In this case, there is another service. The principle is the same. Copy the URL of your video and paste it into the field provided for that purpose on the NoTube site. Then choose the target format (MP3, but also MP4, MP4 HD, FLV, 3GP, M4A) and download the newly generated file.

How to record YouTube videos with VLC?

Do you want another method? It is also possible to retrieve a YouTube video directly from VLC. To do this, copy the URL of your video, open VLC and select “Open Network Stream” from the File menu. In the “Enter a network URL” field, paste the URL of your video. Playback begins. At the bottom right of the screen, in the “Play” button, in the small down arrow, select “Convert”, choose where you want to see the created file as well as the extension and characteristics of the video. The operation will be completed when the play bar has reached the end.

What does the law say about YouTube converters?

You plan to use a YouTube converter to finally have your favorite playlist on your smartphone. But before you start, you ask yourself the question of the legality of this type of conversion. You have to see the problem in two different ways.

  • On the user side, you must have purchased the title to be entitled to own a copy. Therefore, you have the right to use a converter, if you bought the title on a platform. Be careful, this doesn’t work if you have a premium YouTube account. Few people actually have a “duplicate” title. So you are in charge of the law if you have illegal MP3’s on your smartphone. Mais soyons franc, à ce jour aucun utilisateur n’a payé d’amende pour détention illégale de titre MP3 sur son smartphone, assortment à l’heure des streaming platforms comme Deezer, Apple Music or Spotify which permettent d’écouter de la musique offline.
  • Side of the site: the fact of entering sites that allow to transform YouTube videos into MP3 is illegal. But write: youtube mp3 converter Google won’t send you to jail. Here again, you risk little in the end. Only the site owner will likely see your site closed. He will also have to pay a hefty fine (300,000 euros) and risk up to 3 years in prison. But HADOPI is targeting illegal movies and streaming platforms.