How to Download YouTube Videos to Your iPhone or iPad

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Downloading a YouTube video to an iPhone or iPad is not too complicated. It even really couldn’t be easier from the moment you follow the steps outlined below.

And after that, you have the freedom to watch your favorite videos offline or listen to your favorite tracks locally, without the need for an active network connection!

The unnecessary jailbreak option

Also, at no time will you have to go through the jailbreak box to retrieve the videos that interest you on the video platform. All you have to do is set your sights on one of the applications that have been validated by Apple and present in its prolific App Store to get your hands on the vast library of YouTube videos.

In order not to spoil anything, most of the applications in question, and by extension the ones listed below, will not only be able to download any video hosted on YouTube, but also on Dailymotion, Vimeo, etc. The only limitation actually concerns the videos whose streams will be encrypted. In this case, it is already more complex to recover the videos, if not impossible using a simple iPhone or iPad: then you will have to resort to your computer.

How to save and recover YouTube videos on iPhone or iPad?

Having given the caveat, let’s take a look at the most capable applications in the field, and more specifically the reference application. It is actually the highly prized IDM Free – Files Manager & Private Browser, developed by Jack Hilder and taking advantage of its puzzling ease of use. Once the application starts, it will offer you to browse the web as you would from Safari Mobile, for example.

An application to download YouTube videos

With the difference that from the moment you enter the YouTube site and launch a video, the application will automatically suggest you download it, and even store it in the cloud, in addition to offering to store it directly in the internal memory of your iPhone or iPad. Simple and efficient, it is without a doubt THE go-to solution at the time of writing this article. a simple and efficient online service

In addition to this application, we can also cite a very practical URL: With a wide network, this service allows you to enter the URL of any video hosted on YouTube, but also on Dailymotion, Vimeo, Facebook, SoundCloud, etc. then download it via the Televzr app, which is also offered to automatically retrieve as soon as you enter the URL of your first video.

Again, it is very easy to use. Note that Apple has deliberately solved its app market lately, and this is why apps like Video DownloadHelper, FastestTube, etc. they are no longer available, even though they were recently claimed as references. It didn’t take long for them to be replaced, as you’ve seen! can also be used without an application. Just copy / paste the YouTube video URL directly to the site, select your options, and download the file. Even simpler, it is possible to add “” or “” before the URL or replace “youtube” with “ssyoutube” in the URL to get the same result. A trick to save in a corner of your memory and use as soon as the need arises to retrieve a video locally. Simple and effective.

Be careful about storage on your device

Audio / video files are among the heaviest. If you are used to downloading videos, you will have to pay attention to the available space on your iPhone or iPad, otherwise you will quickly be full. In this case, your entire device will suffer. So remember to regularly clean your downloaded files.