How to download Windows 11 ARM for free for any computer

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Windows 11

In general, when installing an operating system there is usually no system. You usually only choose between a 32-bit or a 64-bit version, and then you install using an ISO file. This procedure in question can also be easily performed with Windows 11 on the vast majority of computers with conventional processors, but everything changes when using ARM architecture.

And it is that, little by little, More computers are appearing that use ARM processors instead of the classic chips from firms such as Intel or AMD, something that can be a problem when installing Windows. However, if you need a Windows 11 ARM installation file, you should not worry, since Microsoft allows you to obtain it easily today.

So you can get Windows 11 if your computer has an ARM processor

As we mentioned, Windows 11 downloads for ARM computers should only be used on supported computers, so it is important that you take this information into account before proceeding to download that version. Otherwise the system will not work.

How to download Windows 11 ARM for free for any computer 1

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Knowing this, in order to obtain the operating system you must start by joining the Microsoft Insider program to download this version, as it is still under development. After, in order to download Windows 11 ARM you must access this Microsoft website and, in the event that an error appears, use the upper button to log in with your Microsoft account.

Download Windows 11 ARM

Download Windows 11 ARM for free from the Microsoft website … How to download Windows 11 ARM for free for any computer 3

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Thus, If you have successfully signed in with a Microsoft account that is part of the Insider program, you will find at the bottom a button to download Windows 11 ARM64. You just have to press this button to start the download, and in a few moments you will get a file with the extension .VHDX that you can install in a virtual machine or decompress according to your needs.