How to download Windows 10 for ARM processors for free

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Windows 10

When installing Windows 10 on any computer, the most common thing is that it has a classic standard 32 or 64-bit processor, so you can download a standard ISO file of the system. But nevertheless, especially after the arrival of equipment from other brands with ARM processors, the truth is that more and more emphasis is being placed on them in all aspects.

For this same reason, from Microsoft they have been getting a little more ahead in this regard and have released some versions in development phase of Windows 10 for computers with ARM chips. In this way, although at the moment it is a beta version, the truth is that it is quite stable and performs very well on computers that have this type of processor, so you may be interested in downloading this version for your computer .

This is how you can download the Windows 10 ARM installation program for free step by step

As we mentioned, although in the Microsoft ecosystem it is not usually the most common, perhaps for some reason you are interested in downloading Windows 10 ARM on your computer. Of course, it is important that you are aware of what you are doing, well this version is not compatible with any equipment that has a processor that does not follow this architecture (firms like Intel or AMD are not supported).

How to download Windows 10 for ARM processors for free 1

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Bearing this in mind, the first thing you should do, if you have not done so yet, is join the Microsoft Insider program to be able to download this version as it is still in the development phase. Once you have done this, to download Windows 10 ARM you will have to access this Microsoft page and, in the event that an error appears, use the upper button to log in with your Microsoft account.

Download Windows 10 ARM from Microsoft's website

Download Windows 10 ARM for free from the Microsoft website … How to download Windows 10 for ARM processors for free 3

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Once inside, if you have successfully logged in with an account enrolled in the Insider program, The download button of the latest version of Windows 10 ARM64 available for download will appear at the bottom. You just have to click on it and a file with the extension .VHDX that you can install in a virtual machine or unzip on your computer.