How to download videos with Viddit

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There are many very interesting resources on this platform, which should be kept safe for the future, since most are tutorials with tricks and common problems among Android users. A very valuable material that we can have in the storage of our terminal through an application with a simple process.

Fortunately, there are some tools that allow you to download videos from Reddit. Not everyone downloads videos with the full audio track as Reddit stores them separately, but some of them can.

Viddit is the app we have chosen

Reddit has invested in more of its own content in recent years. So instead of just being a place to post links, you can now upload photos and videos directly to Reddit’s servers. But unlike Imgur, Gfycat, and other popular file hosts, Reddit doesn’t give you an easy way to download videos, so we have to resort to other means.

Download videos from Reddit with your mobile

Now, thanks to a new useful application developed by a fairly regular user of the Reddit community, you can download any video from Reddit with just a few taps and, unlike other solutions, it even captures sound that other options are not capable of make. It doesn’t matter if you use a web browser, the official Reddit app, or one of the many superior options; just share the link to this app and it will do the rest.

Step 1: install Viddit

To get started, open the Play Store app and search for Viddit, then select the Aculix-created development and hit “Install.” It is a process that we must have more than assimilated in any Android user, even more so when we are interested in downloading videos from Reddit, which means that we are not starting on this platform.

Step 2: Share the Reddit link to Viddit

Now when you come across a »», it means that you can copy the link to download any video that has been uploaded directly to Reddit, simply by sharing the URL in the comment section. It should be the comment link or the link to the entire web page, rather than a direct link to the video:

  • If you’re using the official Reddit app, simply click the »Share» button below the video while it’s on its first page or at the top of the thread in the comment section.

link download video reddit

  • If you use a third-party Reddit client, which generally has more options, be sure to select “Comments” instead of “Link” or similar when sharing the URL.
  • If you are directly using the Reddit mobile site in Chrome, press the three-dot menu button in the upper right corner and select the “Share” access to initiate this action. Next, select the Viddit application from the context menu that appears at the bottom of the screen. However, from the web version you can also press the share button that is integrated directly into the video comment

share reddit video

When the device sharing menu appears at the bottom of the screen, scroll to and select Width from the list. Depending on your phone and the application you are sharing from, it may have the Viddit icon, but with the title “Download.” Share the comment link for a video post on mobile Reddit via Chrome.

Step 3: download the video

The first time you do this, you need to press “Allow” for Viddit to access your photos and media. From there, the URL should already be complete in the field at the top and the video metadata can be displayed underneath (but don’t worry if there is an error retrieving this data). Go ahead and hit the “Download” button.

The video is saved in your Download in a subfolder named Viddit. If you want, you can even hit the share button in the Viddit app immediately after downloading to share a copy of the file with another app.

What options Viddit has that other similar apps don’t have

The truth is that, to begin with, there are not many options on Google Play to download videos from Reddit. This does not happen on computers, since in the Google search we can find more alternatives. Within Android, we have three applications that work specifically to download multimedia files from this community, although some application to download videos (in general) may also help us.

And what does Viddit have compared to the others? The utility and the goal is the same, but Viddit is a tool that works really well, and it excels in two important respects. In additional options there is not much to say, since they do not have more utilities apart from the one we are already looking for in it.

However, what Viddit stands out is that it does not have pop-up ads on the screen, although it does have them integrated into the interface. This is not a problem to use, a complaint that is more widespread in the rest of the applications. abusing advertising and making it difficult to navigate the interface.

Speaking of the interface, this is another remarkable point in the application, since it is very well implemented, both in design and in the layout of the options. It has an individualized section to access the entire history of video downloads in this community.

And most importantly, they have no problem downloading any video, something that in alternatives like Revvid is a real torture for many users. It gives an error when inserting the link, so it does not allow downloading. In Viddit we did not find that problem when we did the tests for this tutorial.