How to download the wallpapers of the new Windows 11 for free

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Windows 11

As you probably already know, one of the first beta versions of Windows 11 was recently leaked, which has allowed us to know some of the most important news that will arrive with this new operating system ahead of time. However, in addition to all the news regarding the system itself, from Microsoft it seems that they have also wanted to renew the wallpapers or wallpapers with this new version.

This is quite logical if we take into account the changes that this new version has made for Windows, taking into account that it even includes a new logo for the operating system, and that the wallpapers that we saw with Windows 10 were more focused on that system. Therefore, we are going to show you how you can download the new Windows 11 wallpapers for free for your device.

Download Windows 11 wallpapers for free

As we mentioned, this time Windows 11 includes new wallpapers. The team of YTECHB has achieved after installing said new version extract the official wallpapers of this new version of the operating system at its highest resolution.

How to download the wallpapers of the new Windows 11 for free 1

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In this way, you can download any of these wallpapers and apply it to your Windows computer or any other device easily. To facilitate the download in its highest quality, The wallpapers are available in both Google drive like in Google Photos, being able to download in both sites in its corresponding maximum quality. In the same way, we leave you a sample of some of the most outstanding wallpapers, although it is important that download from any of the proposed methods and not from this page to avoid the major loss of quality.

Download the Windows 11 wallpapers from Google Drive

Download Windows 11 wallpapers from Google Photos

Once downloaded from the corresponding links, you can apply them on your device without any problem. If, for example, you use an older version of Windows, you can directly apply the one you like the most by right-clicking on the file explorer and choosing the option “Set as desktop background”.