How To Download Games On Nintendo Switch

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Having a Nintendo Switch is good. That said, having games with it, to be able to fully enjoy the console, is even better. And luckily for today’s busy gamer, the modern world makes it possible to buy and enjoy Nintendo Switch games almost instantly, anytime, all without leaving home.

For this, the function of download Nintendo Switch games via the Nintendo eShop is essential. Today we will take a look at how to download games to Nintendo Switch easily and quickly, whether they have been purchased recently or have been on the user’s account for a long time.

Requirements for downloading games on Nintendo Switch: what do you need?

First essential thing to own: a Nintendo Switch. More seriously, you will absolutely need a Nintendo account in order to be able to access the console’s eShop, to buy or download the games. The latter was normally created when the console was first turned on. An internet connection will also be essential. It is strongly recommended to opt for an internet box with a high connection speed in order to take advantage of reduced download times.

Finally, you must also ensure that you have enough free space on the console’s internal memory, or, if applicable, on the MicroSD card inserted in the console. Note that a game installed on a MicroSD can only be played on the console from which it was downloaded. Indeed, if the MicroSD containing the game is inserted into another console, the game cannot be launched.

Download a Nintendo Switch game from Nintendo eShop

nintendo switch games

From the Nintendo Switch HOME menu, access the eShop app. Then enter your login credentials if your account is not logged in. Once in the eShop, a myriad of options are available to you. The different categories allow you to browse through the available games.

If you want a specific game, you can search for their name directly for quick access. Once the desired game is selected, the game information screen is displayed.

  • If the game is free, a clickable button will say “Free Download”. The game download can then be launched directly by selecting this option.
  • Otherwise, payment for the game must first be made via the option “Continue to the purchase screen”. After paying the amount indicated using the payment method of your choice, the download of the content will start automatically.
  • If you have already paid for a game from a platform other than Nintendo eShop, you should have an activation code. To access the game purchased with this code, go to the “Enter the code” option located in the menu on the left in the eShop. A keyboard is then displayed allowing you to enter the game code. Once the code has been validated, the game page will open and the download can be launched.

In the event of a game purchase, all information relating to the transaction will be sent to the email address linked to the Nintendo Account. Then you have to wait for the complete download of the game to be able to play it. Once the game has finished downloading, it will automatically appear in the HOME menu of the game console. Just select the icon to launch it.

Download an already purchased Nintendo Switch game

nintendo switch game

If the desired game appears with the words “Purchased” in the eShop, this means that it has already been paid for by an account linked to the Nintendo Switch used. You must then go directly to the HOME menu of your console and browse the applications to find the game in question (select the “All software” option to display all the downloaded applications).

If it is already present in the HOME menu, it means that it is loaded on the console and can be launched. If not, here’s how to get the game downloaded to Nintendo Switch:

  • go to the Nintendo eShop app;
  • select your user icon at the top right;
  • select the “download again” option;
  • the list of games and applications purchased then appears;
  • select the desired game to start downloading.

If, however, the game does not appear to appear in the list of purchased applications, it means that it is linked to a different Nintendo Account. If it was purchased with a different account, it can only be downloaded from the same account. You must then try to find it with the other Nintendo accounts linked to the game console.

Download a Nintendo Switch game for pre-order

Regarding Nintendo games available for pre-order, just go to the eShop and perform the same manipulation as for a normal game. The game download is also launched after validation of the purchase. Nevertheless, it will not be not possible to play the game before the official release date.

The game is well downloaded and present on the console, unfortunately it is not accessible before its launch date. On the day of the game’s launch at midnight sharp, an update will be available. It must then be downloaded to unlock the full game.