How to download and install TikTok for free on Windows

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Undoubtedly, One of the most popular social networks that has become in recent years is TikTok. It is a social network designed mainly for mobile devices, but that more and more users use both to upload their own videos and to create interesting montages thanks to the application’s personalized audios, among other functions.

Despite this, for some time there has been a web version of TikTok that can be used perfectly to play and create online videos directly from the web browser itself, both from PC and from Mac and any other device. Nevertheless, You may be interested in taking a step further and downloading TikTok for your Windows PC.

TikTok for PC: how to download this application on any Windows computer

As we mentioned, although the initial idea went through a mobile app, more and more devices are compatible with the social network TikTok, and can also be used from the computer easily. With this in mind, if you are interested in having the TikTok application on your Windows PC, say that you will be able to do it without problem.

How to download and install TikTok for free on Windows 1

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Currently, is it availabe an application in the Microsoft Store that allows access to TikTok from PC. In this case, it is completely free, so if you have Windows 10 or a higher version of the operating system installed on your computer, you will be able to install and use it without problem.

Download TikTok for Windows for free from the Microsoft Store …

TikTok for Windows PC

The application in question It is not official from the creators of TikTok, rather it is a version created by alternative developers that is based on the PWA of the social network. In this way, it is completely safe and the data will not be stored in any case, so you can access it with your TikTok account to start watching and creating your videos without any problem.