How to download and carry the COVID certificate on Android

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The pandemic has forced us to drastically change our customs and habits. And it seems that one of the last may be the adoption of a passport that confirms that we have passed the disease or that we have been vaccinated with a full schedule. Whether your autonomous community requires the COVID certificate for certain activities or not, with this article you can always carry it on your Android device just in case.

Downloading the COVID passport in PDF format

The COVID certificate it is downloaded in PDF format. This is very practical, as it allows you to save it on an electronic device or print it. But before storing it in the memory of your phone, you must request it from the competent health authority. The following explanation will serve as your guide.

First, go to the official page of the certificate enabled by the Ministry of Health. If you are visiting us from outside of Spain, check which is the valid URL in your country. For Spanish residents, the address is as follows:


There you will find a page similar to the one you see in the following screenshot. Tap on the button Apply for your EU Digital COVID certificate.

Start COVID passport applicationStart COVID passport application

Press the button Start.

Start surveyStart survey

Answer the question that appears on the screen and click on Continue.

Previous surveyPrevious survey

Choose the autonomous community in which you were vaccinated and skip to the next step.

Select autonomous communitySelect autonomous community

Two options will appear on the screen. On the one hand, the button Apply in your autonomous community It will redirect you to the website of the competent health authority in the area where you live. If you are already using your community government app, this will be the easiest option. However, you can always continue on the page of the Ministry of Health to download the certificate. Do it with the button Continue the request at this location.

Select place to download certificateSelect place to download certificate

Next, select an identification method. You need a digital certificate installed on Android that is recognized by the Ministry’s website or be registered in the Cl @ ve system. Both are somewhat cumbersome methods, so we recommend that you go to your community portal.

Use identification methodUse identification method

Once you have obtained the certificate, either by one means or another, search for it in the file explorer, tap on share and select Drive. Obviously, it is possible to save it in any similar storage service.

Upload certificate to the cloudUpload certificate to the cloud

Confirm the location and tap Save.

Select locationSelect location

One particularity of Google Drive is that it allows you to create shortcuts to files and folders on the home screen. It is possible to do it from the contextual menu with the command Add to Home Screen.

Send certificate to home screenSend certificate to home screen

As you can see, this is a very fast way to access the COVID passport.

Direct access to the COVID certificateDirect access to the COVID certificate

Each time you tap on the icon, the certificate will appear on the screen quickly.

Passing the COVID certificate to Google Pay or Huawei Pay

Google Pay and Huawei Pay are two applications that act as virtual wallets. They are very convenient to carry, in addition to payment cards, other bills and documents. And one of the ones you can add is the certificate you just downloaded. Do it with the app Pass2Pay, available on Google Play and in the App Gallery. Of course, you also have the download link that you will see on this page, which helps you obtain it for free and reliably.

Once installed, open Pass2Pay and tap on Open PDF File.

Open PDF fileOpen PDF file

Locate the PDF file you downloaded and allow the application to scan its content. It will quickly detect the certificate’s QR code. Tap on Use result to proceed.

Automatic QR selectionAutomatic QR selection

Enter your personal information to appear on the virtual card.

Fill in fields with personal informationFill in fields with personal information

Scroll to the bottom and press Save to phone.

Export to Google PayExport to Google Pay

Google Pay will display a confirmation message. Tap on Open app to see the result.

Save confirmationSave confirmation

The card will appear in the lower area.

Card in Google Pay with the certificateCard in Google Pay with the certificate

In large format you will see the QR code that is necessary to provide your vaccination information.

Aspect of the COVID certificate in Google PayAspect of the COVID certificate in Google Pay

Both methods are interesting because the certificate is synchronized with all your devices. Thus, no matter if you change your phone, you will always keep a copy of your COVID passport.