How to dodge the final bosses without confrontation

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Table of Contents

We know that on the one hand there are the improvements we make before starting to play, where we apply better clothes, weapons and rings of power. But, on the other hand, there are the improvements in game, those skills that we must select as we overcome rooms or screens, whatever you want to call it. If we don’t do it right, our powers against the final boss may be null, that’s why the luck of being able to dodge them so as not to be cannon fodder.


How to dodge final bosses in Archero

During this game, our encounter with different bosses throughout all levels of Archero is routine, which can be more dangerous than others. In the event that one of them manages to corner us and spoils our game due to lack of preparation, it is possible that knowing how to move boss roomsLet’s get a chance to change a few things by already knowing what we’re up against. In other words, it would be like postponing the final boss encounter once we already know the attacks he uses.

dodge final bosses archero

The moment we come to meet a boss, with the one that we don’t want to fight yet, we can forcibly exit the game. When we re-enter the game, we will meet us in the previous room, prior to accessing the next room where the boss is. The fact of exiting the game is for the purpose of changing any unfavorable result that we have in the battle against this boss. Unlike what you might think, doesn’t ruin our progress in the game we will not suffer any ban. However, it must be considered that this option is something that has been previously corrected, so it is possible that sooner or later we will not have this possibility.

What if you have a low-end Android for Archero

It is not an extremely demanding game to play, but it is true that speed in this title is essential and, if we have a terminal with a few years on top, it will not be the most optimal. However, there is a way to remove that delay or kind of lag that is generated on older computers.

This good news comes true from the game itself, without having to touch any device settings. The truth is that the developers added an option to help combat this lag in Archero gameplay. To do this we just have to go to the pause menu, where you can choose hide the coins in the background, the ones that appear when we finish with all the enemies on the screen. This should reduce the slowdown of the game on the smartphone and is particularly true in wave chapters, which is where most users tend to have performance problems.