How to do a security check

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An example that can be the way to go for many other applications developed, since most of them currently retain a lot of personal data of users, such as email, bank details, calendar contacts, etc. That it has a function that monitors everything that happens at every moment with our account in that application.

Google Chrome: fast and secure
Google Chrome: fast and secure

What is the security check in Google Chrome

Chrome technology protects you against deceptive and dangerous downloads and sites that could steal your passwords or infect your devices. If we detect suspicious activity, you will see a warning. Chrome is automatically updated every six weeks so you always have the latest security features and fixes. If we spot a major security bug, we will implement a fix within 24 hours, without you having to do anything.

Chrome is the most secure browser in the world. The latest technology, with features like site isolation, sandboxing, and predictive spoofing detection (phishing), protects you against security threats.

This security check takes care of analyze if there are any possible problems with security in your account. This is a good way to make sure that there are no problems, directly in Google Chrome for Android, so it is very comfortable for any user.

In case of finding some kind of vulnerability or error. He will offer us a detailed guide so that we can fix the problem as quickly as possible. Performing a security check in Chrome is very easy and a little below we are going to show you step by step everything you need to do.

How to check if a website connection is secure

One thing that can help us even more in better security for the user experience and that we can do manually, is to know if a specific website is secure or not based on its protocol. To find out if a website is safe to access, you can check the security information for that site. Chrome alerts you if you cannot access the website securely or privately.

  1. Finding us in the Google Chrome app, open a new tab and access any web page.
  2. To check the security of a website, look at the icon to the left of the web address:
  • It is safe: The information you send or receive through the website is private.
  • Information or Not safe: The website does not use a private connection. It is possible that another user can see or change the information that you send or receive through this website.
  • It’s not safe or dangerous: Obviously, this is the worst possible case. We recommend that you do not enter personal or private information on this page. If possible, do not use this website.

3. To check the permissions and information of the website, select that icon that we have mentioned. Chrome gives you a summary of the degree of privacy of the connection.

Check the security in Chrome yourself

To help us be protected from security flaws, unsafe websites or in front of the increasingly numerous security bankruptcies in which our passwords may be exposed, the browser Chrome allows us in very few steps analyze our protection.

To do this, we just have to go to Chrome> Settings> Security Check. In this new section we can check if Chrome is up to date, if some of our passwords have been violated, or if we are not browsing safely. Clicking on Check now we will discover where we are unprotected.

chrome settings check security

You will enter the »Security check» screen, where you just have to click on the »buttonCheck now” that will appear below. When you do, it will tell you which of the three parameters are good, and which of them are wrong and you are in danger. These are the three parameters that there are and what is said to you with them:

  • Upgrades: Check if Chrome is updated to the latest version. If the test passes positively, it is updated, and if not, you must update.
  • Passwords: Check that your passwords have not been leaked on the Internet. If the test passes positively, there is no danger, and if it passes negatively, you should change some passwords that are indicated to you.
  • Secure browsing: Check that you have activated the protection against downloads and websites that may be dangerous. If it happens positively, it means that you have configured this protection or the higher level protection, and if it does not happen, it is because it is deactivated and it is not good for your online security.

When you click on each of the parameters you can go to its configuration. In this way, if you click on Upgrades you will go to the Chrome profile on Google Play, and if you click on Passwords you will go to the Chrome password manager. Finally, if you click on Secure browsing, you will be able to configure the safe browsing protection.

check google chrome security

How does this work? In our test, this security check analyzes the protection of our account at three levels: at the level of updates, at the level of passwords and at the level of safe browsing. In the first there is usually not much diagnosis, since the normal thing is to have the application up to date with all updates, and in the third it is more useful to choose between the different protection modes that we can have in the browser.

It is in the second where we can have more conflicts, since it analyzes the websites where our password can be compromised. The account of that page where we have logged in does not have to have been attacked, it can be due to inactivity or time without modifying it. Anyway, it is appreciated that it shows the sites where we should change the password and obtain greater security.