How to dim bright screen colors with Android 12

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Is already in circulation the first Android 12 developer preview, and thanks to her, once we have installed it, we go discovering the features that the final version will have when it is releasedaccording to Google’s own plans) in August. Except for those that may disappear along the way if Google considers that they are not ready yet, of course.

The last one to arrive is a functionality for the accessibility section of phones that have Android 12 installed. Thanks to this functionality bright colors on the screen can be dimmed, so that we have a little less contrast. It is a functionality that we can activate but that we can also associate with a quick gesture, to go to it only when we want.

How to dim bright colors in Android 12

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As we have said, this new functionality is included within the accessibility settings on the phone and is intended for users who may experience discomfort when the brightest texts appear on the screen. Thanks to this new minor adjustment of Android 12, these texts can disappear whenever we want and the procedure is quite simple. We show you how.

  • We open the settings of our phone with Android 12.
  • We go to the section ‘Accessibility’ within them.
  • Once inside, we locate the section ‘Text and screen ‘, located under the ‘Screen’ section, and we enter.
  • Here we will find ‘Reduce bright colors’ in its experimental version, and it may not take long to be called ‘Dim Bright Colors’ or something similar. It will appear as disabled.
  • Once inside, we just have to press on the switch to activate this reduction, after which a slider will be activated just below to decide how much we want to dim the bright colors on the screen.
  • If we want this attenuation to be constant, we will also mark the switch ‘Keep feature on after a restart ‘, which will probably end up renamed ‘Keep On After Reboot’.
How to dim bright colors in Android 12 How to dim bright colors in Android 12

Besides this, we can configure the setting to react to a gesture with the phone, so that it works only when we need it and we have quick access to it. This is done from the same section by activating ‘Reduce Bright Colors Shortcut’, a new text in English that can be seen translated as ‘Direct access to dim bright colors’.

Gesture to activate the dimming of bright colors in Android 12

Once we press this, our Android phone will give us two direct access options. We can choose to make a ‘swipe’ or slide on the screen with two fingers down, or we can press both side volume buttons on the phone. Once we choose one, it will be enough with click on ‘Save’ or ‘Save’ at the bottom to activate the dimming of bright colors.

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How to dim bright screen colors with Android 12

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How to dim bright screen colors with Android 12 2