How to detect changes in a web page from Android

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It is an app that allows you to do these tasks in a simple and automatic way so that you do not have to worry, it can even help you on those web pages that require access by username and password or search pages in which it is necessary to fill in text fields in a form to access the desired content.

Web Alert (Website Monitor)
Web Alert (Website Monitor)

What is Web Alert

What it does is analyze changes to a web page. It is his only and essential mission that, a priori, may not seem too interesting. However, in a practical case it can be very helpful. Let’s imagine that we are looking for a product online and we cannot find stock for any of the related pages. With Web Alert we can establish a route so that it will notify us when a change is made, in this case, that the product is back in stock.

web alert alerts

You can also do the same thing if a product is available to buy, but we are waiting for the price to drop somewhat. We can establish another route to notify us when its value changes. Like these, they can be applied in many other cases on the web browser, so it is already in the imagination or need of each user. It can be applied in stores such as Amazon and many others related to the fashion sector, video games, household appliances, airline tickets, etc.

How to detect a price change on a web page

As we say, we can apply it in any sector that we can imagine, but due to popularity and recurrence, we are going to choose Amazon to explain the steps to follow when establishing a route. For example, we want to buy the Xbox Series X and we are waiting for the product to be back in stock or simply to drop in price.

web alert edit alerts

Once we have focused on what we are looking to buy, we will communicate it to Web Alert. With a few simple steps, what we have to do first is choose the way to establish a route. The app allows both to share it from the browser to the app, as well as to do it in its own interface thanks to its integrated browser. Once we enter the page, we look for the product of which we want to create an alert. Precisely, the Xbox Series X comes from knobs for the tutorial, since it appears as not available on the web.

Given this lack of stock, we want to know when it will be available again. One of the most interesting elements is that the app allows us to choose the specific part from which we want to create the alert, as if the page was divided by areas. When we select the part that is not available, a floating menu with three options appears. Click on »Choose this», where a window will then appear with all the details of the alert.

web alert frequency warnings

When we click on “Finalize”, we already have the established route. From there, we can edit it in different ways. If we hold down the route, the app shows us a contextual menu where we can manually refresh the information, or edit the name, content and including the frequency of checking the stock in this product. It allows us to set different times, from every minute to once a week, and with different programs to use with Wi-Fi or with mobile data. The service will also be permanently active in the notification bar, although it allows us to deactivate it quickly thanks to the button “To turn off”.