how to delete your payment information on your console

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How do you delete your payment information from the PS5 and make it secure if you want to store it instead? With the development of the PlayStation Store and offers like the PSN, it is more and more common to use your credit card on the Sony console. We explain how to protect your data.


Whether you’ve opted for a standard PS5 or the Digital Edition model, chances are you’ve had the opportunity to enter your bank card numbers for buy a game, a subscription, or additional content. Over time, the PlayStation Store has indeed developed its offer to become a must for online purchase. This is without counting on the PSN, which requires pay a subscription to take advantage of its services.

However, you don’t necessarily want your bank details stored on some device. A theft, a hack, and his entire bank account is in danger. Especially since the PS5 is not particularly secure at startup, anyone can easily access its settings. After transferring PS4 saves to the next-gen console, we therefore offer you a new tutorial for delete your payment information from the PS5.

How to remove your payment information from the PS5

Deleting your bank details from the PS5 is not necessarily easy, as the option dedicated to this is hidden in a tangle of sub-menus. If you don’t know where you are looking, it can quickly be difficult to find the latter. So here’s how to get to your destination:

  • From the main menu, click Settings top right
  • Click on Users and accounts
  • In the section Account, click on Payment and subscriptions
  • Click on Payment methods
PS5 payment methods
  • There you will find all the payment methods saved in your PS5. Select the one you want to delete and press the button. Options of your DualSense controller
  • Click on Remove
  • Confirm the operation by clicking on Yes
payment method PS5

All traces of the means of payment are thus erased from the PS5. You can then repeat the operation for any bank cards or bank details stored in the console if you wish. Note, however, that you will need to re-enter them if you want to make an online purchase from your console. It is also possible to edit a payment method using the button Options.

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How to use an alternative payment method on the PS5

If you never want to keep any bank details on your PS5, but still want to enjoy a convenient and fast payment method, there is a solution. The PSN indeed offers a wallet system that can be filled at will. Once the money is stored, you can spend it directly in your subscription or PlayStation Store, without having to enter your credit card numbers. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to the menu Payments and subscription following the path indicated above
  • Click on Supply
  • Enter the desired amount or the code of your gift card

Your wallet is thus filled with the desired amount. If you have not gone through a gift card, all you have to do is delete your credit card if it is ever saved in your PS5. You will have to repeat the operation once your wallet is emptied.

How to secure your payment information on the PS5

One of the most effective ways to prevent your bank details from going out in the wild is to enable two-factor authentication. Here’s the procedure to follow :

  • From the main menu, click Settings top right
  • Click on Users and accounts
  • In the section Account, click on security
  • Click on Two-step authentication
  • Choose whether to authenticate by message or by application

If you choose the first option, then you will need to enter your phone number to complete the setup. If the second option suits you, this time you will have to scan the QR code that appears on the screen. And if, despite everything, you are looking for another solution, know that it is also possible to set up a security question to which, in theory, only you will know the answer.