How to delete services in Windows 10 from CMD

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And there is something that we must take into account when we work with this operating system. Apart from all the functions and features that we find in the software interface, in the background there are a good number of elements working. All of them are what make Windows work in the best possible way. Hence precisely that although we are not doing anything on the computer with any application, the system continues to consume a good amount of PC resources.

Underneath, in the background, many functions are being executed without us noticing but being fundamental for the operation of the whole. As we mentioned before, in these same lines we are going to focus on the services, specifically on how we are going to be able to delete them directly from CMD. This will allow us to have much more control over the services that run in the background in Windows, and those that we want to stop. But first of all, what we must be clear about is that they are Microsoft’s operating system services and what they provide us with.

What is a service on Windows system

To begin with, we will tell you that when we talk about a Windows service, we are actually referring to a computer process that runs in the background. This means that at first the user does not have to interact with it, since it is in operation without us even being aware of it.

services window

At the same time it should be mentioned that these services of the operating system are usually activated when the computer is started from scratch. Therefore we could say that they execute tasks of the most diverse nature in seconds, all until the computer is turned off. But that is not applicable to all cases when we refer to these elements in particular. And it is also important to know that services can be started automatically, manually or be activated by some other predetermined action.

Reasons to delete a service

On the other hand, despite the fact that these elements that we are talking about are very important for the operation of the operating system, they are not always necessary. We must bear in mind that when they are running, more if they are always, they consume resources. Pc. This is something that can sometimes become a serious problem, especially if we have a somewhat outdated or limited equipment in terms of specifications.

Surely on more than one occasion we have realized that despite closing all programs in Windows, resource consumption is still high. Part of the blame for all this is the aforementioned services, we are going to teach ourselves how to erase. It is for all this reason that sometimes there may come a time when we need to eliminate a certain Windows service. For example, this can happen if a program that we have already uninstalled has left its own service running.

Therefore, below we show you two methods that will help you eliminate a service in Windows 10 In a simple way. First of all we will tell you that to access the window corresponding to these elements, simply type services in the system search box.

open services

How to delete a service in Windows 10

Well, going into the matter, the first thing we will tell you is that we have the possibility of eliminating a windows service using two methods. This is precisely what we are going to talk about next, so we will show you both methods. It is worth mentioning that for the first of them we will have to use the registry editor. As is usual in these cases when modifying this, first of all we recommend making a backup copy of it.

Delete services from the registry

We access the registry by typing the regedit command in the search box on the Windows taskbar. Next we go to the File / Export menu and thus create the backup in case we have a problem. Therefore, to remove a service from the system, the first thing we need is to know its name. We can find out this from the window of these elements that we already told you before how to access it.

In the window of the Services Administrator we scroll down and look for the element that we want to eliminate to know its Name. Once we find it, we right-click on it and select the Properties option. In the new window, specifically in the General tab, we will see the name of that specific service.

Windows service name

We write it down as we will need it later in the system registry. Once we have this information, we can close the Properties window and the services window. It will be then when we have to go to the Registry Editor. Now, in this window what we can do is perform a search with the name of the service that we want to delete. This is something we can do from the Edit / Search menu. For example, if we copy the name of the service to the Windows Clipboard previously, now we can paste it here to start the search in the registry editor.

delete registration service

It may be the case that we only find one entry corresponding to that element, or several. Be that as it may, we only have to place ourselves on each one of them and erase it.

Delete services from CMD

In the event that we want to avoid making changes to the Windows registry editor, as a precaution, we can also use the command prompt or CMD. This powerful Windows tool will also help us to eliminate an element of this type. To do this we open a command prompt window with administrator rights. We just have to write the CMD command in the search box. We click on the corresponding entry with the right mouse button and execute it with administrator permissions.

In the command prompt window that appears on the screen, we just have to type the following command:

sc delete <nombre_del_servicio>

As you might suppose, in the described command we have to replace the service_name with the real name of the service. To finish we just have to restart the computer for the changes to take effect.