How to delete duplicate files on Android

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To have duplicate files on your mobile phone it is not the most advisable thing to do. If they are large, it is possible that they even saturate the internal memory of your device. That is why from time to time it is necessary to check if there are redundant files in the storage. Although it may seem a complicated task, the truth is that there are some tools that allow you to know in a few seconds if you have duplicate files. In this article we show you two examples.

Find and remove duplicate files with Duplicate Files Fixer

The first utility that we propose is Duplicate Files Fixer. It is completely free, although it includes advertising. You can download it safely using the link you have below.

Once open, press Got it to get started.

Start search processStart search process

Check the box Full Duplicate Scan.

Select full scanSelect full scan

Allows access to internal memory with Allow.

Allow access to storage on AndroidAllow access to storage on Android

Check the list of duplicate files. As you will see, the second file is automatically marked for deletion. It is very important that you uncheck all those that you want to keep. When you have it ready, click on Delete Now.

Remove duplicatesRemove duplicates

By following these steps, the duplicate files will have been removed.

Find and delete duplicate photos with Remo

Remo is another highly recommended application that, in this case, focuses on photographs. As in the previous case, it is also free and you can also easily download it from our servers.

Once installed, open it and press Scan.

Start scan for duplicate photosStart scan for duplicate photos

The number of duplicate photos found by the application will be displayed in the pop-up dialog.

Process summaryProcess summary

Mark one of the copies to delete the image. Then, tap on the trash can button that you will see in the lower right corner.

Select duplicates and remove themSelect duplicates and remove them

On the other hand, if you want to delete similar images, although not identical, open the tab Similary. Repeat the process, marking the photos and pressing the delete button.

Remove similarRemove similar

When finished, all duplicate or similar photos that you have marked will have been deleted. In the event that you need to do the same with the videos, we leave you a guide to remove duplicate videos from mobile.