How to delete cookies on Android phones

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Table of Contents

Cookies are essential elements for the proper functioning of most web pages. Thanks to cookies, navigation is more comfortable and Internet sites can offer personalized services to each user. For example, when you log into a portal and ask to keep your session open indefinitely, a cookie is stored that is responsible for reminding the browser of your credentials.

In addition to the cookies of each website, when browsing the network they are installed third party cookies. These are usually intended to monitor our activity to show relevant ads or analyze how we use a specific website. If you are concerned about privacy, it is best to delete these types of cookies on a regular basis. Here’s how to do it with four different Android browsers.

How to delete cookies from Chrome on Android

If you want to delete cookies in Google Chrome, you can do it easily by accessing its settings.

Open Chrome settingsOpen Chrome settings

Access the section Privacy and security.

Chrome privacy settingsChrome privacy settings

Click on Clear browsing data.

Clear browser dataClear browser data

Make sure the box Cookies and site data it’s activated. Then, click on Clear data to start deleting cookies.

Run cookie cleanup in Google ChromeRun cookie cleanup in Google Chrome

Now, all the cookies installed by Google Chrome will have been deleted. This will cause you to log out of the websites that you have accessed.

How to delete cookies from Fierfox on Android

Clearing cookies in Firefox is very easy. You can do this by accessing the browser settings.

Open Firefox settingsOpen Firefox settings

Locate the option Delete browsing data and click on it.

Clear Firefox dataClear Firefox data

Check the box cookies and use the button Delete browsing data to run data cleansing.

Start cookie cleaning in FirefoxStart cookie cleaning in Firefox

Additionally, you can ask Firefox to do this automatically every time you close the browser. To do this, activate the option Delete browsing data on quit.

Automate cookie cleaning on exitAutomate cookie cleaning on exit

Thus, you will no longer have to worry about deleting cookies in your browser.

How to delete cookies from Edge on Android

If you are a Microsoft browser user, you can delete cookies in the following way. Open the main menu and click on Settings.

Open Edge settingsOpen Edge settings

Click on the option Privacy and Security.

Privacy and security settingsPrivacy and security settings

Choose Clear browsing data.

Clear Edge browser dataClear Edge browser data

Delete all browser data with the button Clear.

start cookie cleanup in Microsoft Edgestart cookie cleanup in Microsoft Edge

You can ask Edge to do this work for you every time you exit their application by activating the option Clear browsing data upon exit, located at the top of the screen.

How to delete Brave cookies on Android

Brave is a browser specially designed to protect privacy. Allows you to easily delete all cookies from your configuration panel. Access it by clicking on Settings.

Open Brave SettingsOpen Brave Settings

Open the section Privacy.

Privacy settings in BravePrivacy settings in Brave

Choose Clear browsing data.

Clear Brave dataClear Brave data

Check the box Cookies and site data and touch Clear data.

Run cleanup in BraveRun cleanup in Brave

From that moment, the cookies stored in Brave will have disappeared.