How to defeat Smeargle in Raids

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It will not be in the traditional way that we know the most veteran players of the saga, since a series of previous steps must be fulfilled. It has nothing to do with raids or special investigations, but everything will be done from GO snapshot. If you have never heard it, you may wonder what it is for, but we will explain it to you.

Broadly speaking, we are talking about a easy way to take photos of any of the Pokémon that we have captured. To activate it is very easy: just choose a specific Pokémon from our list and touch the camera function; another alternative is that we go to the Bag, let’s select among all the objects the Camera and let’s activate the function.

Pokemon go
Pokemon go

Smeargle, characteristics and movements

The first is the first. Before knowing how to capture it, it is important to know its stats, its strengths, and its weaknesses. Also its attacks, since this way we can know with certainty if this creature is worth capturing or not.

catch smeargle pokémon goSmeargle is a Pokémon of type Normal originally from Johto. Smeargle is available from February 25, 2019. Its description in the Pokédex could not be more curious, since Smeargle marks the limits of its territory by releasing a body fluid from the end of the tail. Fortunately or unfortunately, Smeargle is part of a family of one member, so it does not have evolutions, although it does have a version shiny.

Smeargle moves

Smeargle is a very light Pokémon, weighing 58 kilos, and with a more defensive than offensive balance, although with a lot of resistance. Before determining which are the best Pokémon against him, you have to know well what they are the movements you can have:

  • Fast movement: Tackle (Normal)
  • Charged movement: Combat (Normal)

As we can see, both attacks are typical of a fairly basic and Normal-type Pokémon, although they are quite effective against Ghost-type creatures, but it makes it vulnerable to a Fighting type. His best combination of attacks for combat is first Lock and then Combat. However, he can learn any attack by being a Normal type.

Best counter to defeat Smeargle in Pokémon GO

Well, we’ve already revealed the guys who don’t have a choice against this Smeargle. The most damaging against Smeargle remains to be seen. You just have to see the list of counter that we have designed to know that the types that predominate are those of Fight type essentially, as we have already mentioned before. The best opponents for Smeargle in Pokémon Go are Dark Machamp, Lucario, Dark Alakazam, Dark Mewtwo, Conkeldurr, or Machamp.

How to capture Smeargle with GO Snapshot, step by step.

  1. We must enter the GO Snapshot mode. One of the ways to enter is to go to the object menu and select the camera, and then choose the Pokémon that we want to photograph. The other way is enter the Pokémon profile that we are interested in photographing and selecting the camera that is in the upper right part of the interface.
  2. From there we will start a fun Photoshoot with the Pokémon that we have selected.
  3. When we have finished the photo session we will have to review the photos to see if any of them appears Smeargle in the lower right area of ​​the screen.
  4. If it hasn’t appeared to you, just choose another Pokémon and go back to do another photo session.
  5. According to the first users who have gotten the creature, choosing three or four Pokémon It will end up appearing without any problem. Of course, in the photo of the creature in which it appears you will have copied its movements.smeargle snapshot go
  6. Once a Smeargle has appeared in the photograph with other characters, we must access the world map where by magic we will have a Smeargle a few meters away.
  7. When we get closer, the capture procedure is exactly the same as with the rest, and we must throw the pokéball to capture it. We will receive different achievements as we capture more of these creatures, so keep making use of this functionality.