How to defeat Electro Hypostasis

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Table of Contents

They are usually characters of great resistance and with a lot of damage when they attack us. It is true that there are not many specimens in history, hence it should not be easy to overcome them in combat. On the other hand, each of these Elite bosses (that’s what they are called) have their own attacks and a defined movement pattern, which we are going to decipher in this tutorial.

Genshin Impact

How to defeat Electro Hypostasis in Genshin Impact

In essence, the battle against Electro Hypostasis in Genshin Impact is a turn-based combat. This is because the Elite Chief has only one weak point, and that is only takes damage when its core, a diamond in the center that is uncovered. Therefore, it all comes down to waiting for the boss Launch an attack, dodge it and counterattack taking advantage of the short time it takes for your core to be covered with the cubes.

electro genshin impact attack hypostasis

The only downside is that his attacks are not so easy to dodge. Are numerous cubic shapes They move quickly around the stage, with almost no time to react. In addition, these cubes are joined and separated in a random way, adopting different shapes that are difficult to memorize. However, one trick is that when the cubes take a fist shape, we must immediately run to be out of range.

Another attack that Electro Hypostasis can reproduce is a spin of numerous cubes clockwise, although very slowly. The cubes will get bigger and bigger as they go, so our strategy will be head towards the center where all those cubes come from, that is to say in the opposite direction.

Equipment to defeat Electro Hypostasis

It is not necessary to unlock a series of too advanced characters, but two of the initial heroes of the story will suffice. Specifically, they are the Traveler with the Geo and Amber element. Actually, what we need is a character with a great normal attack and that can be covered with the Geo element.

electro genshin impact hypostasis cube wave

If we are better equipped at the time to face the Electro Hypostasis of Genshin Impact, we can change them for other characters that we have achieved. So instead of the Traveler, we could use any other character with Geo (like Noelle). And instead of Amber, we could use another archer or a magician whose normal attack is also an elemental attack (like those of Lisa or Barbara). As for equipment, we simply have to carry the most powerful weapons you have and ensure that the character with Geo that you carry has a similar level to the Elite Chief.