How to defeat and capture Mega Altaria in Pokémon GO

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This creature is one of the most anticipated and coveted by game lovers, since we can only get it for a certain time. Like the rest of the events of each month, we have more options to capture it if we follow the appropriate steps, and in this tutorial we will tell you how you can get hold of it.

Mega Altaria Features

Mega Altaria features

This Pokémon is a very strange creature. It is of type dragon / fairy, so it will be weak against movement of type fairy, ice, poison and steel. It has 222 attack points, 218 defense and 181 of health. To this day, it is the only dragon-type Pokémon in the entire game that resists attacks from the game. It may be weaker than other mega evolutions of this type, but defeating them can become a difficult task.

On the other hand, it is quite resistant to Pokémon of type dragon, bug, fight, water, plant, electric, sinister and fire, so we must choose our teams correctly when we face him. Their movements are very varied, being Moon Force the most powerful. You can also appear to us with Magic Shine Y Dragon pulse, both of them with a fairly high damage level.

It was first announced and introduced at the May Community Day event, which began on day 15 at 11:00 CEST. During the event, Swablu, the pre-evolution of Altaria, appeared more frequently in the wild for six hours, in order to capture the maximum possible to get with the evolution more easily. In addition, some lucky ones were able to capture them with the Moon Force. On the other hand, from Niantic the chances of finding it increased shiny, which would also mean having a Shiny Mega Altaria.

It must be said that to evolve it, we must have mega energy. We can get this in mega raids and research tasks. We must use 200 of this element in our Altaria to be able to get hold of its mega evolution, so we must complete several mega raids. The faster we defeat it, the more we will get. When we register it in the Pokédex, we will only need 40 of this item. Also, if we put Altaria as a partner we will get 5 for every kilometer we complete. Either way, this creature is only available in these special raids from May 15 through June 1 at 17:00 CEST.

Better counters or attacks to defeat this Pokémon

best Mega Altaria counters

The ideal thing to do with this type of creatures is to use Shadow Pokémon. As you may already know, this is one of the most interesting mechanics that have been added to the game lately. Basically they are companions of the members of the Team Rocket GO that appear next to the pokeparadas, and have boosted parameters that they will not lose when they are returned to their original form. Still, the truth is that it is difficult to obtain these creatures, but if we can get some, they will be the best option.

Be that as it may, below we are going to give you some of the best options to kill Mega Altaria in raids. You should keep in mind that some of them are also mega evolutions, so these will not be easy to obtain either. These are the best, but there can be many more, as there are many more Pokémon of other types:

  • Mega Gengar: Mega Evolution of this famous first generation Pokémon is probably the best poison-type option. If you have his shadow form and we apply his special attacks Lick and Sludge Bomb, you can do a lot of damage to your target.
  • Metagross: if you can get hold of its shadow version, it will be a really scary option. This third generation steel-type creature has really strong attacks like Bullet Punch and Meteor Punch, both of which will take a lot of health from Mega Altaria.
  • Mega Beedrill: Beedrill’s Mega Evolution can also be a great option for poison-type attacks. Noxious Puja and Sludge Bomb will be super effective. Of course, you must be careful, since our opponent is very effective against bug-type Pokémon.
  • Dialga: This legendary Pokémon is one of the most amazing in the entire series. Introduced in the fourth generation, it is of the Steel and Dragon type, so it can be lethal when defending and attacking. Using Metal Claw and Iron Head we can easily finish off our opponent.
  • Jirachi: we are facing one of the most special and famous legendary creatures in the entire Pokémon universe. Steel / Fairy type and introduced in the third generation, he is truly powerful with great moves like Confusion and Doom Wish.
  • Gardevoir– Introduced in the third generation, this psychic / fairy-type creature is one of the best options, as it boasts very powerful moves, as well as a good amount of health. Use Charm and Magic Glow to annihilate Mega Altaria.
  • Darmanitan (Galar form): Although its initial version is a fire type, this curious but at the same time powerful Pokémon can be fearsome thanks to its ice-type movements. We can use Ice Fang and Avalanche, and they’ll be really effective.
  • Mamoswine: the evolution of Piloswine also appeared in the fourth generation. You must use it in the first positions, since it does not have too much health. You can use Powder Snow and Avalanche, ice-type moves that can seriously hurt.
  • Mega Abomasnow: This fourth generation Pokémon has a somewhat strange type combination, since it is ice and grass type. Either way, his strong Dust Snow and Meteor Ball moves can easily take down the raid boss.
  • Excadrill: a very interesting creature that appeared in the fifth generation. Earth and steel type, it has movements as powerful as Metal Claw and Iron Head.
  • Genesect: a really strong bug and steel Pokémon. It was introduced in the fifth generation, and features such powerful attacks as Metal Claw and Magnet Bomb. Like Mega Beedrill, you will need to be careful of Mega Altaria’s attacks.