How to customize the sound of your Samsung mobile throughout the day

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Samsung Sound Assistant sound stages

There are moments throughout the day in which we put the mobile in silence, as when we are at work, something that surely many users in Spain recognize. A common problem is that you forget to turn the sound back on later. Luckily, Samsung phones have the ability to customize the sound throughout the day.

This is possible thanks to Sound Assistant, one of the modules of Good Lock, the customization app for Samsung mobiles. Thanks to this module you can choose the sound of your mobile at different times of the day, called scenarios, so that it adapts to your day to day.

Customize the sound of your Samsung mobile throughout the day

Samsung Sound Assistant set up sound

One of the functions that we find in Sound Assistant is to create sound profiles throughout the day. This allows that if you are working at certain hours of the day and you want to have your Samsung mobile vibrate at that time, you can configure this during those hours and once you have finished working, the sound is activated again, automatically. So you won’t forget to turn the sound on or off.

These scenarios or profiles that are provided to us allow configure the sound of the mobile in general. We can even have Do Not Disturb Mode activated at certain times of the day automatically from this section. The idea is that depending on how you have your day organized, your Samsung mobile will adjust to it. The steps to follow to configure this are:

  1. Install Sound Assistant on your Samsung mobile.
  2. Open this app.
  3. Go to the Scenarios section.
  4. Customize the sound based on the time of day.
  5. If you want to create more scenarios, click on the blue button.
  6. Set up each scenario.
  7. Activate those you want to use.

By having such scenarios, the sound of your mobile will adapt throughout the day. It is a simple way to automate these processes, without worrying about having to put it on silence, activate do not disturb mode or reactivate the sound of it.

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