How to customize the share menu on Android

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How to customize the share menu on Android 1

Most Android users in Spain They use the phone’s share menu on occasion. This is the menu that appears when we want to share a photo or content and in it we can choose the method to perform this action, choosing from the apps that we have installed on our mobile. This process is known to everyone.

One aspect that bothers many is that the order of the applications in that share menu on Android is not always correct. Luckily, on the latest versions of Android we can customize this menu, in order to establish the desired order in it in a simple way.

Customize the share menu on Android

Customize Android share menu

Some brands like Samsung already provide many options to customize the sharing menu on the phone. In newer versions of Android, such as Android 11, it is possible to modify the order in which they are displayed applications in this menu. A common complaint is that this order is not comfortable, because there are times when an app that you use to share does not show up among the first.

In Android 11 we can choose that order, since we are given the possibility to pin apps in this menu. So we will have those apps that we want to use when sharing in the first place. This is something that will allow better use of it on the phone. The steps to do this are:

  1. Go to an app where you have to use this menu (open a photo in the gallery and click on share).
  2. Wait for the share menu to open.
  3. Look for that app that you want to be among the first in the list.
  4. Hold down on its icon.
  5. Click on Set.
  6. Repeat the process with other apps.

By doing this those apps will be displayed in the order que we think it is convenient to use the share menu on Android. Having a fixed order will allow a better use of this feature on our smartphone, when we want to share files with other people.

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