How to customize the power button on your Android

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Table of Contents

And it was time to find a more usable utility for the button Power, beyond serving to turn the device on or off. It has a main requirement to be able to use this function, which we say from now on: it is only suitable for certain devices that carry Android 11. It is already something that eliminates many terminals from the equation.

A feature only suitable for devices with Android 11

With the change to Android 11 Google introduced a new shutdown menu with different phone settings, mobile payment center and home automation controls through Assistant. Of course, direct phone controls are missing, such as being able to capture the screen, see the battery percentage or adjust the screen brightness. Luckily, what Google has printed can be complemented with a simple app, let’s see how to do it.

menu on android 11

Therefore, this will only be intended for those Android 11 devices. We do not think that this is going to be for a small group, since every smartphone that is updated to this version of the operating system will also have it available. This function can be seen at first in Pixel terminals and all OnePlus models that carry the Oxygen system in version 11 as well. From there, more devices will be added.

How to customize the power button on Android

This function has its limitations, since if we do not have home automation devices that we have mentioned above, is exempt from utility. Thank goodness that the app that we are going to show allows us to fill that gap with other more useful options on a day-to-day basis. Rather, customize that power menu provided by Android 11.

In the XDA forum they have developed an application called Power Menu Control. This tool, which is established in the Google store, will allow us to add controls to that menu with different shortcuts. Above all, controls for those options that we do not have easy access to, since to add options to the notification panel, it would make little sense.

customize android power button

Among all the options that we can activate, there is a slider to regulate the multimedia volume and that of the alarm; terminal sound profiles; button for Wake lock, which serves to keep the screen active for as long as we please, or even add the screen splitting tool. There are many more accesses that we can add to the menu, but it is something that we will leave it to you for your decision.

To achieve this, we simply have to install this application, give it the necessary permissions, and select the toggles or access that we are going to include in the power menu. Once that is done, we can exit the app, click on the button Power and select the three dots icon to add the controls to that menu. As simple as that.

Power menu controls
Power menu controls

If you don’t have Android 11, this is your solution

If you are still not one of the lucky ones who enjoys Android 11, or you will never be, there is a method to continue enjoying a quick menu to access different options instantly. Obviously, we will no longer be able to use the power button, since we do not have that new menu, but we can make use of the notification panel.

quick settings customize notifications panel

You don’t have to be an advanced user to know that, in this panel, we have a quick settings menu where we can place several shortcuts. Well, we will be able to customize it just as we have done in the power menu with another application called Quick Settings. Will allow us add anything to the quick setting panel, such as brightness level, screen timeout, shortcuts to an application such as the calculator or to a web page. There are many options for this utility, but we have chosen this one for its interface and for its good community support.

Quick Settings
Quick Settings