How to customize the options of the Samsung camera app

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Table of Contents

How to customize the options of the Samsung camera app 1

Samsung phones that are currently launched in Spain use One UI as interface. An interface that the brand presented at the end of 2018 and that has left many changes in the brand’s phones. One of the main characteristics of this interface is that it gives us many customization options. Something that also extends to the camera application.

The camera application in Samsung allows each user go adapt the elements to your liking, so that you are going to show those icons that you want, their functions and hide those that you are not going to use. A customization that certainly helps make One UI such a versatile layer.

Customize the Samsung camera to your liking

How to customize the options of the Samsung camera app 2

When we open the More section in the camera of a Samsung phone (the captures have been made on a Galaxy S20 +), we can see that they come out a series of functions or modes that said application has available. Although many times, those modes that appear there are not the ones that we are going to use the most or the order in which they are shown is not the one that is comfortable for us when using this camera application.

Luckily, the Samsung camera app in One UI allows us to tweak this. Allowed change the order of these modes or even delete some of this screen, in case there are functions that we are not going to use or do not seem useful in our case. The steps to customize this are:

  1. Open the camera app.
  2. Click on the plus button.
  3. Click on the pencil icon.
  4. Move these icons to your liking.
  5. Remove one from the list if you wish.

The great advantage that this function gives us is that we will be able to move these modes within this tray, but also outside of it. Therefore, if we want to have some modes in the lower bar of the camera (where photo, video, etc. appear), it will be possible and thus have faster access to said mode when using the camera on the phone.

It is certainly a comfortable function, that allows a good customization to users. The customization options may also depend on the version of Android and One UI that you have on your Samsung phone, since in Android 10 with One UI 2.0 there seem to be more options.

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