How to customize the automatic brightness of your mobile with Velis Auto Brightness

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How to customize the automatic brightness of your mobile with Velis Auto Brightness

With the Velis Auto Brightness app you can configure the auto brightness according to your needs. Choose a profile type, select the panel technology, add the different brightness steps and even determine which apps will be exempted from automation: Velis is very powerful.

Is the automatic brightness of your phone not behaving as it should? Maybe it varies constantly, do not adjust the level well with minimal lighting Or, for example, it may also be the case that the screen is very dark even when you are outdoors. Adjusting these parameters from the phone is not possible, but there are apps for it. Like Velis Auto Brightness, a software that allows you to customize the automatic brightness as you wish.

Defines how bright the screen will be depending on the lighting

Velis Auto Brightness 1

Velis Auto Brightness is an application that has been in development since 2012. It was abandoned for a while, but recently its developer has taken it back adapting it to new versions of Android. Of course, with a drawback: the interface is quite dated; a defect that does not obscure its functionality: define how the brightness will behave according to the light conditions.

Google introduced Android 9 Pie a feature in the system that aimed to improve the behavior of the screen: the one called as adaptive brightness. This function remembers the adjustments made on the brightness control to, by means of artificial intelligence, adjust brightness levels according to user tastes. This, which on paper seems competent, does not always work quite well. Nor do brands implement automatic brightness in the same way.

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With Velis Auto Brightness you can customize the different levels of automatic brightness so that your mobile adjusts perfectly to the conditions. It is a complete application that works really well, even better than automatic system brightness if properly configured. Of course, the interface is not too clear.

Velis Auto Brightness The Velis Auto Brightness interface is its main drawback

To make the application work, it is essential to give it the relevant permissions. Velis Auto Brightness uses the overlay to dim the brightness, asks for accessibility permission to adjust device control, and also needs control device settings, not in vain does it change the brightness of the screen. Since they are sensitive permissions, they should be taken into account.

Once the Velis Auto Brightness app is installed, you have to configure it:

  • Access the beginning of the configuration and select what type of profile you want. Choose it based on your screen.
  • Go granting the pertinent permissions while adjusting each parameter according to your tastes. Parts of the app are translated into Spanish, but most are not.
  • Once the configurator is finished Velis Auto Brightness should already have enough information to work. We recommend that you turn off the automatic brightness from your mobile settings (so Velis will take over).
  • If you want to add new values ​​go to the cover of the application, in the graph. The horizontal value corresponds to the brightness of the screen; the vertical to lighting.
Velis Auto Brightness 2 The vertical axis modifies the amount of light; the horizontal the brightness of the screen. Once manually adjusted with ‘Apply’ a new step is created in the automatic brightness
  • Adjust the horizontal bar to set the screen brightness; and the vertical bar to the amount of light that the illumination sensor will detect. Then click on ‘Apply’ to add a new step to automatic brightness: the mobile will apply the determined brightness to the screen when it detects the amount of light you chose.
  • Follow the steps to manually adjust the screen brightness. Or, whenever it doesn’t match the lighting, go to Velis Auto Brightness to modify the value and save it. Little by little you will get a precise and personalized table.
  • If you want to manually modify the levels, display the side menu and go to ‘Manual chart editing’. You will see a numerical table with different values ​​(illumination in nits and screen brightness level): you can rewrite the ones you want (or add more).
Velis Auto Brightness needs to keep the notification always on for the automatic brightness to work. Otherwise the system will kill the process

By manually adjusting the graph you will get the automatic brightness to behave just the way you want it. You can minimize the brightness for the twilight and get the phone the display illumination is not constantly changing while using your mobile: Velis allows you to configure it according to your needs. You can even disable automatic brightness for certain apps, you decide.

Velis Auto Brightness is a free app that is ad-free. You do have an in-app purchase, but only to collaborate with the developer: all functions are unlocked.

Velis Auto Brightness

Velis Auto Brightness

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How to customize the automatic brightness of your mobile with Velis Auto Brightness

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How to customize the automatic brightness of your mobile with Velis Auto Brightness 1

How to customize the automatic brightness of your mobile with Velis Auto Brightness 2