How to customize the Always On Display background on Android

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Table of Contents

We know the advantages of having a black background for the well-being of the battery, in addition to how beautiful it is. But it does not hurt to modify it with an extra element, even more so if we know that this end can be achieved.

How to customize the Always On Display background

With the reliable possibility that the background can be minimally customized, we are going to explain step by step how we should do it, although it does not have much mystery. It goes without saying that this method is applicable to any Android terminal, since this is being seen in some manufacturers but only exclusively.

custom aod test

Everything will revolve around an app, which will be in charge of applying the funds. This application is called Custom AOD, which will allow us to modify the aesthetic but repetitive black tone of the Always On Display background. What you are going to do is apply only the background to that lock screen, so the wallpaper that we have in the other parts of the software is not going to touch at all. The same happens with the native elements of the system, such as the notification icons or the clock, which are not modified either.

Custom AOD (Add images on Always On Display)
Custom AOD (Add images on Always On Display)

What is Custom AOD about

The only thing we can find negative about the app is that it contains advertising, although it is not very intrusive. For the rest, we are facing a generous catalog of very original funds for apply to the background of the Always On Display. When we open the app, we find all the images recently uploaded to the platform, available for download, although we have two other tabs with a random selection and another one of the most demanded.

custom aod images background always on display

If we enter an image, a button with three horizontal lines. If we click on it, we will have four floating options with which to perform different actions. We can support creation, save to favorites, adjust the opacity of the image or of course set it as the background. The app itself gives us a preview so that the final result with the implemented image is recorded.

custom aod background always on display

In addition, we can upload our own images to the platform, leaving room for the creativity of the users. And is that if we log in with a Google account, we can easily upload a chosen image from the gallery by clicking on the option «Choose image». This will help us since we cannot choose some funds that belong to the premium version.