How to create your own "watchfaces" for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

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How to create your own "watchfaces" for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 1

Do you have one of the latest Samsung watches and want to create your own watch faces or watchfaces? Well, not only is it possible, the brand offers computer software specifically designed for the task: with Watch Face Studio you can fully customize your Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. We explain the steps to achieve it.

With the Smart Watches Not only do you have access to the time, alarms and other common functions of a “any” watch, given that intelligence that they display, we can from record the training to see how well we slept the night before. They even support the installation of apps; at least if they offer the option, as with Wear OS. Not only that: we can make the watch look just the way we want it. Personalization has no limits.

Samsung Watch Face Studio, a powerful creator of faces

Samsung Watch Face Studio

When Samsung officially introduced One UI Watch, the custom layer your future Wear OS watches would bring, unveiled a tool with which to create any sphere imaginable. This tool was already present for the Galaxy Watch with Tizen, so it only remained to adapt it to the new operating system.

Samsung Watch Face Studio is a computer program that is available for both Windows and macOS. It can be downloaded freely. And, although getting your options is somewhat complex, with a little practice you can achieve real wonders.

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To download the editing program of watchfaces you must go to this page and choose the version suitable for your computer: or Windows or macOS. Install the software, launch it, and you’re ready to create your first watch standby for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

First steps creating spheres or watchfaces for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

Samsung Watch Face Studio

Watch Face Studio is not exactly simple software, it takes a bit to start taking her pulse. You must start a new project with “New project”: you will have a blank screen with the black sphere where you must mount the different elements of your watchface.

To create the sample for this article, and to familiarize ourselves with the creation, we made a sphere from scratch, taking advantage of the wallpaper that we usually install on our analysis mobiles. We edited the image to perfectly fit the round surface of the dial leaving the green “X” in the center as the axis of the hands.

Samsung Watch Face Studio

The different elements of the clock are added on the background image, which serves as the base

For the sample we add the different elements to the sphere with the upper “+” (Add component). We put a “Digital Clock” at the top and incorporate hands for hours, minutes and seconds from the “Analog hands” option. Each hand is a PNG image that rotates around an axis.

To create a good watchface you must use imagination. Create a curious background image, customize your own clock hands, add texts, complications …

Each element that is added works as a layer, just like in image editing programs. From the properties of these elements it is possible to align them, resize them, get them to behave according to the variables that are needed and, in the case of the hands, it is possible to adjust the point of rotation or pivot (“Pivot”). Just adjust the small circle that appears when selecting each item.

Samsung Watch Face Studio

From the option “Run on device” the program will compile the sphere and send it to a connected compatible watch

Once the Watch Face Studio sphere is created, it gives the option of directly uploading the creation to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. It is done by activating wireless ADB, as we did to install electrocardiogram and blood pressure on non-Samsung mobiles. Watch Face Studio will detect the watch if you have the wireless ADB working and it is on the same WiFi as the computer. Then he will raise the sphere and activate it.

The process is cumbersome and messy at first, but it is worth insisting: with a little skill, very striking results are achieved. You will have your watch with a unique and exclusive appearance. On top of that, it won’t cost you a penny: Samsung Watch face Studio is completely free.

Applications to create watchfaces

Which Watch Face Studio do you think is very complicated? Well, Wear OS has a multitude of apps in its catalog with which to create watch faces. Facer, Watchmaker or Minimal & Elegant, for instance. They are easier to use and run on mobile, not on a computer. They are also somewhat less powerful.

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How to create your own “watchfaces” for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

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How to create your own "watchfaces" for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 2

How to create your own "watchfaces" for Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 3