How to create your own personalized online memes

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Table of Contents

You know what a meme is and you’ve seen them many times: funny, viral images that can be used to express anything you want. But beyond sharing what you see, you can create original memes with any phrase you want. You can do it for free on the Internet whether you want to create memes with images, use templates or memes in GIF format.

To create memes online we have the possibility of doing it manually: we take the photograph and we add the text you want in Photoshop or any other tool. Or we use specialized pages that allow us to create memes from scratch with an image that we have or a photograph and that already have the “typical” letter of memes that we can add to that photo ready. In addition, there are usually ready-made templates or backgrounds that we can add when we decide to create a meme.

Create memes with images

I Love IMG It is one of the websites that allows us to create memes, although not the only one. The page has a meme creator that you can use from an image in JPG, in GIF or PNG format. You have two options: use memes that already exist to add the text you want or use your own photos to create a meme from scratch with your images and the text of your choice.

If you decide to use the templates that already exist, tap on the button “Select a meme template” as you can see in the attached screenshot after this paragraph.

Meme template

Will appear all the usual memes that there is today: that of the two different dogs, Batman hitting Robin or Pablo Escobar Sad. All the ones you can think of are on this website so it is especially useful and easy to do. You can scroll until you find the one you want or you can use the search engine on the website to find an exact meme that is the one you have in your head. Once you have chosen, tap on “Use this image”


Now the page will allow us two options: add text inside or add text outside (the inside text would go over the image as usual in a meme and the outside text will make the image centered so that there are borders to write on) When you add the text, it will give you several options:

  • Choose the font (Impact is the most common but there is also Arial, Arial Unicode, Verdana, Courier, Comic, Times New Roman …)
  • Font size
  • Choose the format: bold, italic, underlined
  • Change the color of the letter you add
  • Change the background of the letter you add
  • Choose left, center or right aligned
  • Control transparency
  • Send to the background if there are multiple letters or images

Create your own memes

Once you have chosen everything you want for your meme, just tap on “Create meme” on the button at the bottom of the screen. After a few seconds it will have been created and you will have the option to download the image, get the link, download in Google Drive or Dropbox or buttons that allow us: Compress, resize, convert from JPEG, continue with cropping. When it is downloaded you can do whatever you want with it.

Make memes with your own photo

In the second case, you simply have to choose a photo or image that is on your computer by tapping on “Upload image” although it also allows you to take it from Dropbox or Google Drive depending on whether you need it to be in the cloud or locally. Instead of following the steps above, tap on “Upload Image.” You choose the photograph you want from your computer or from your mobile phone, either a photo that you have created yourself or an image that you have downloaded (royalty-free) on the Internet. The process is identical to the previous one once you have uploaded the photo. You can add text or image inside and outside and you can customize it following the same cases as in the previous step: change color, size, font, color, background …

Create a meme

Once you have it, simply tap on “Create meme” and save it.

Create memes with GIF

You can create GIF format memes. That is, memes that have movement. Either with a video that you have stored or through a YouTube URL that allows us to take a piece of that video and add the text you want. For example, with a mythical scene from a series, etc. Giphy allows us to do it from its “Create” section and you must meet a series of requirements: be registered in Giphy (it is free to do so) and that the video you are going to link has a duration of more than 15 minutes. If you fulfill this, you can start making the meme with a video that you like.

Tap on “Create”. Here you will see a space where you can paste an address or URl from YouTube or Vimeo. Paste the link to the video you want and the different settings will appear to create the GIF as you want. Choose the duration of it and then you can customize it to create the meme with this format. You can add text, stickers, filters, drawings … Choose the color and change it.


In the text you can choose the color and between six different types of letters (Default, MEME, Pixel, Fancy, Subtitle …) Also, you can choose to be animated or not as you want or need. Beyond that, you can choose stickers, draw with a freehand brush, or choose different filters that are applied to the meme.


When you are done, click on “Continue” and it will allow you to add tags for others to download. In a few seconds the process will be completed and you will have your meme created. You can share it in applications or social networks such as Twitter or you will have a link to insert it on your website or blog. You can also download it from your computer by right clicking and “save as image” to use it whatever you want and whenever you want.


Other specialized websites

There are other websites that we can always have at hand and that may be interesting when it comes to create original and different or specialized memes. We can download interesting videos, images or use alternative meme creators for it.

Make Simpsons memes

Frinkiac It is a general website but a website to create The Simpsons memes. Everything that has appeared in The Simpsons is on this website. You just have to search in the search engine any phrase or any word that interests you to find the exact chapter, the specific moment. You just have to look it up in English. That is, it is not enough to put “Tenacitas” but you will have to put “Pinchy”. When you do it, all scenes from that episode will appear or of that character that you have looked for. You have two options: make a GIF with the scene in question choosing the seconds you want or make a meme (make the meme static or moving to add text)

The web allows us to choose “Make meme” and add the text you want. You can not choose size or format or letter but it will be generated automatically but you can write the phrase you need to generate it. Tap on “generate meme” and you can have the image available to download or share.

Simpsons meme

Canva meme templates

If you want to make memes with Canva and you have the web at hand, there are ready-made templates to change the text whatever you want. Memes with stock photos already used that you can use to put and customize what you need. You can create the meme from scratch or use images that you already know by heart (like the ones you can see in the attached screenshot) to customize and create your own memes or viral images to share later.


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