How to create the best builds on your team

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Table of Contents

Of course, we are going to follow what they did to us at school, where they applied the methodology of not leaving everything done so that we could copy the solution. In the same way, we are going to explain in advance certain things to take into account and that it is pure and hard theory to create compositions. And then, as a reward for sticking around to read the entire article, we leave behind some interesting builds.

Teamfight Tactics, the LoL strategy game

How to create builds in Teamfight Tactics

This is even more complex than it first appears. One of the most common mistakes of novice players is think that the most important thing is the level of the characters, that if you manage to have several of them with three levels of stars, it is better than having a more powerful character with a lower level. In most cases, this is not the case..

But as bad as what was commented in the previous paragraph is not leveling up your characters to sell them later and become a team of only ranked or high tier champions. The key here is in the balance in strategy in the medium and long term, and in the ability to have malleable combinations that can adapt our planning if the randomness of the champion store and the objects works against us.

Seek balance in normal classes

Therefore, it is essential to think of a team in which some of the tier 1 characters (those that appear at the beginning of the game and cost 1 gold) remain in the combination, while this is expanding and using synergies with the most powerful champions.

synergies builds teamfight tactics

If we base our team on Rank 1 characters raised to three star level (for which we will need to buy nine units of that champion), we can do very well in the first rounds, but as soon as the adversaries get high-tier characters with abilities that can turn a confrontation around, we will have it quite crude.

Likewise, build a team on the synergies produced only by combinations of lessons and origins with few members It can be quite bad for us if luck is not on our side; remember that the gameplay of TFT is based on RNG (randomness) and, therefore, the player not only fights against seven other players, but also against figures and percentages, so it is useful to keep in mind data such as the possibility of appearance of high level characters.

Continuing with the synergies, it is essential to know the bonuses that our champions will receive when mixing several of the same class or origin, as well as the synergies between different classes and origins, which on many occasions are logical. Ideally, create teams that balance CC (crowd control, that is, the ability to disable one or more members of the opponent) and the damage, although there are also strategies that aim to do as much damage as possible quickly.

Be aware of high tiers and objects

You also have to avoid basing the strategy on the mix of classes and origins in which all the members are of high rank. If there are no rank 1 or 2 characters in a group of elements, it means that the ideal team build is would produce from level 3, perhaps too late. This is why most most popular builds they use characters of all ranks.

fighters builds teamfight tactics

Finally, to all this mess of combinations of characters, classes and origins we must add another layer of complexity: the objethos. These are also tied to a random system; We cannot predict which objects will touch us after each phase of confrontation with the enemies, not even if they will touch us (it happens quite often that we spend a large part of the game without any object).

  • The objects are Main 9 different.
  • They combine with each other once to generate others.
  • Our recommendation, beyond urging you to know the results of these mixtures inside out, is that do not try to cover the weaknesses of your characters with objects, but enhance its best features.

Keep in mind that all these tips are not absolute recommendations, since you always have to take into account the team combinations of other players, and in a game like TFT, where updates are constant and content additions are frequent, Changing a figure can vary from start to finish team building. What is absolute is that to be a great Master Tactics player you do not have to study builds, but meet the characters, objects and synergies like the back of your hand to be able to adapt to the situations posed in each game section by section.

Best character combos to win games

Fighters / From the void

  • Kassadin (Void / Sorcerer)
  • Blitzcrank (Robot / Fighter)
  • Lucian (Noble / Gunman)
  • Rek’sai (Void / Fighter)
  • Vi (Hextech / Fighter)
  • Cho’gath (Fighter / Void)
  • Jinx (Hextech / Gunman)

Imperial / Protectors

  • Darius (Imperial / Knight)
  • Braum (Glacial / Protector)
  • Katarina (Imperial / Assassin)
  • Draven (Imperial / Swordsman)
  • Leona (Noble / Protector)
  • Sejuani (Glacial / Knight)
  • Swain (Demon / Imperial)

From the Void / Sorcerers

  • Kassadin (Void / Sorcerer)
  • Warwick (Wild / Fighter)
  • Ahri (Wild / Sorcerer)
  • Blitzcrank (Robot / Fighter)
  • Lulu (Yordle / Sorcerer)
  • Rek’sai (Void / Fighter)
  • Cho’gath (Of the Void / Fighter)
  • Karthus (Ghost / Sorcerer)


  • Fiora (Noble / Swordsman)
  • Garen (Noble / Knight)
  • Vayne (Noble / Hunter)
  • Lucian (Noble / Gunman)
  • Vi (Hextech / Fighter)
  • Jinx (Hextech / Gunman)
  • Leona (Noble / Protector)
  • Kayle (Noble / Knight)

And if you have doubts, check it with an app

If you have doubts or just want to try a new build without spoiling a game, you can have a tool at your fingertips that will do it automatically. To do this, just download the Builds app for TFT, which is free on Google Play. In addition, it always has the latest updates, both in the entry of new characters and changes in the characteristics.

builds tft app

Builds for TFT Teamfight Tactics
Builds for TFT Teamfight Tactics