How to create multiple user accounts in Android

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Sometimes it is necessary to share device, whether with family, with friends or with work colleagues. If so, are clear about the advantages that can be assumed to have different user profiles: each account with the applications you use most, and your custom settings, without interfering at all with the rest of phone users. By now those profiles can only be deployed on Android stock and in the devices of certain manufacturers: Samsung, LG, Sony, Motorola, Bq, and OnePlus. If you have an Android device that is handled by different users, and you want that your preferences don’t interfere with yours by creating multiple user accounts, we’ll tell you how you can do it.

In a few words, you will have configured a user account is very similar to that you find in Windows or Linux. As we have already said, in this way, each user will have their settings and personal applications without interfering with the other. That is to say, each user account acts as a separate entity from the rest, as if it were the tab of a browser: what you do in it affects only the account in question, and not the other. However, there are some common parts (for example, updating applications) that do affect all users equally.

Eye: the user profiles have nothing to do with the mail accounts. The profiles are applied to the entire device and not have to be linked necessarily with a Google account. And since we are, keep in mind that some manufacturers do not offer the possibility to set up different profiles.

How to add a new user in Android

In the first place opens the system settings, tap Advanced settings and go to the section Multiple users:

Option of multi-user in AndroidOption of multi-user in Android

On the screen you will come to then tap Add user to enter the new profile:

Screen to add a new profileScreen to add a new profile

After you create the new user, the system will ask you if you want it set at that time. It is not mandatory, but keep in mind that you will not be able to use it until you do. Configure the new profile means you start in a space from scratch, as if you end up turning on the terminal for the first time (quiet that the information of the main profile will still be there).

When you are finished, your new user profile is now ready for use. When you want to delete a user profile, simply enter from the owner’s account, and touch the gear just to the side of the profile, that will take us to this screen:

Management of user profiles in AndroidManagement of user profiles in Android

As you can see, there is no mystery to set up different profiles in a single terminal. As I said at the beginning, is the best way to manage a device that is shared among different users.