How to create multiple links to put on the profile of Instagram

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There are many things that we would like to add in the input of our profile, as a list of music, a news, a link download, or our own web page. However, like almost everything in Android, there is a solution to include multiple links in a simple way.

Linktree, the key tool to create links

It is a web page that is intended only for this purpose, and allows us to unify several links to be able to display them on our profile. Despite not being a ppp, it contains a very simple interface with all the options quite visible.

To start the process, we must first log on with the account of Instagram that we have, and automatically link to a url with our username. Already established in the area, just go to the button “Add New Link” each time you want to create a new one. We have taken as examples the web page of AndroidAyuda, and a playlist of Spotify, to make it more clear.


To add them, we need to paste the url and put a title for the followers to see what is the link, and we can change the order of arrangement in the placed, we have the possibility to add all as much as we want. When we finish, we will appear at the top of a new urlthat will be the one that we must copy it to paste in the profile from Instagram.

Aspects of personalization

Not enough with that, the web allows you to adjust other parameters of customization for these links, such as add images, highlight them for a better overview, to give them a timer or view statistics of visits. We can also create themes customizable to give our links a design more elaborate and distinctive.

How to create multiple links to put on the profile of Instagram 1

In the end, we want people to see as much as possible this content. The drawback is that all these functions can only be enjoyed if we have the premium version, although it will depend on the preferences of each one. What is free is the choice of color that we can make our compilation of links, with several background colors of different contrasts, which is awesome enough.