How to create and use a secret and encrypted chat on Telegram

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secret chat telegramIt is no mystery that here we are very fans of Telegram because of its options, and always from time to time we like to explain some other functionality of how it works, to see if either you discover new things, or we convince you to give it an opportunity. And today we are going to talk about the secret chats.

Secret chats are an option that Telegram gives you that consist of security-based chats, and thus ensure that your conversations are not seen by anyone else and are not broadcast. And how do you do this? Well, we will tell you.

Secret Telegram Chat

To open a secret chat we will open Telegram and click on the pencil button, located at the bottom right of the screen. There we will open several options, we will select New secret chat.

Then our contact list will appear, we can select several people and make a group or simply one, we can also search for it by its username or contact name.

secret chats telegram

Once the user is selected, the secret chat will be created. And what difference is there between this chat and a normal chat? Easy.

In a secret chat screenshots cannot be taken, in this way you cannot send the conversations to third parties, and in case you were wondering, you can’t forward the messages either.

That is all? Well no, these kinds of conversations it is not stored by Telegram’s servers. So they don’t even have access to them themselves and they don’t leave a trace.

But… What if the person I’m talking to teaches someone else the conversation from their phone? Don’t worry, you can activate the self-destruction of messages. By clicking on the three dots in the upper right part of your secret chat, you will see the option Establish self-destruction. It will give you options (like a seconds, a minute, an hour, etc) and messages will disappear after the set time after the message is read

And finally, do not worry, if you have Telegram Desktop or Telegram Web open, the messages will not materialize there (you can only from your mobile) and if they send you a notification it will come out with the text You have a new message without specifying who it is or what it says.

And of course, even with a person who already has an established chat, the secret chat will go separately, so you can talk normally without problems if you need to.

secret chat telegramWhat do you think? Interesting right?