How to Create and Edit Commercial Videos and Ads Online

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Videos have become the preferred format to communicate, both personally and professionally. Today anyone can record their own videos and create an audiovisual piece to transmit their message through channels of immediate impact such as social networks or YouTube, ideal places to give visibility to our brand, product, service or whatever you need to show.

InVideo is a powerful online video editor designed to create marketing or commercial videos, although nothing prevents you from using it for any other purpose. And it is that the vast majority of the time getting a perfect video does not depend on expensive and inaccessible software for most users. Advances in technology offer online tools capable of meeting the needs of practically anyone interested in video editing without compromising the quality of the final result.

How to use InVideo to edit your own videos online

When accessing the platform for the first time you will have to register. You have three different options to log in and access the editor:

  • Use a Facebook account: If you are logged into your web browser, it will be enough to give the necessary permissions in the pop-up window visible when selecting this option. If you don’t have it, simply fill in the corresponding fields with your username and password.
  • Use a Google email account. Simply enter your email address and password.
  • Create a specific account for the platform by entering your personal data and an email address.

The main home will be the first thing you see when accessing the platform. At the top you have three shortcuts to different types of video, which will open the editor in full with some preconfigured options. Pre-made Templates It offers as its name indicates thousands of templates from which to start working, saving you the laziness of starting from scratch. Text to Video allows you to convert any type of text into an animated video, an interesting option when you want to use a lot of text without resorting to text documents, which are always more cumbersome. Black canvas allows you to start a project from scratch. Depending on the option you choose below, you can choose the aspect ratio: horizontal, vertical or square.

InVideo initial homeInVideo initial home

If you scroll to the bottom you can directly access thematic content. There is also a useful calendar of events and shortcuts to the top and most popular categories. We have selected the option Pre-made Template, and we have taken the opportunity to use the available search engine.

InVideo content search engineInVideo content search engine

The results page categorizes all the entries matching your search and you can navigate between the results by side scrolling. When you locate the template that interests you, click on it.

Search matching templatesSearch matching templates

Doing so will allow you to see a preview. Click on Use this template to load that project in the online editor (as you can see, it is still possible at this point to choose between horizontal, square or vertical format for the template). That will immediately take you to the editor.

Template selectionTemplate selection

If you have some experience with these types of tools, everything will be very familiar to you. If not, it is not a problem, because everything is organized in an intuitive and accessible way.

In the upper central part of the image you have the preview of the video you are working on. On the left side you have the menu, from where you can navigate between the library of available resources, access the options for importing multimedia files from your device, the music library or the options to work with masks and shapes, to give some examples (At the bottom of that left sidebar an arrow allows you to fully undo the options). At the bottom of the window you can see the timeline or timeline of the project. Here you can drag clips of multimedia content to compose the video. In the upper right you have all the options to add overprinted texts, labels or animations. It allows working with layers, which allows you to create more complex and elaborate text and labels.

InVideo online video editor sectionsInVideo online video editor sections

From here your imagination is everything. As you can see, just below the preview window are the playback controls with which to start or stop the video. In the timeline you can place the different video clips in the corresponding channel, and just below you can drag and drop the audio and music files you need.

When you have completed the project and are satisfied with the result, all you have to do is look in the upper right corner of the web for the export options. The blue button Download and Share will open the menu to export the work offering you two options regarding the quality of the final video.

Option to export the project in videoOption to export the project in video

The video export process is fast, although it will largely depend on the complexity of the project you have created. While the final project is being rendered (this is how the final video export process is known) you will see the evolution by means of a percentage on the screen. When the file is ready for download you will see the blue button Download which allows you to download the file. From here it is also possible share the video directly to YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, in addition to being able to share it through a link to the same platform, where other users can also make comments.

Final render of the projectFinal render of the project

InVideo is everything you need to edit and publish professional quality commercial and marketing videos that enhance and improve your visibility in multimedia communication channels. And if you need extended options, you always have the subscription offer with which to access a larger library of resources, more editing options and advanced options for exporting the work in addition to being able to eliminate watermarks. A perfectly organized workflow and a huge variety of resources and tools are the perfect raw material to create videos in a few minutes with the level of professional quality you are looking for.