How to create a USB to recover Windows password

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Windows password on a USB

To log in to Windows 10 we can use a Microsoft account or local account. In any case, it may be that at a certain moment we forget the password and we cannot enter our computer. If we use a Microsoft account, we can recover Windows 10 password resetting it, but if we use a local account, it is not possible to recover it in this way, although there is a solution and today we are going to show you how to do it.

To recover password When our account is local, it must be done with a USB that we have previously created, so if you have not done it now is the time, since it can be essential if one day you do not remember the password to enter Windows. Anyway, Windows 10 offers us the possibility of add security questions to our local account to recover the password in case we forget it, so in that case it will not be necessary to create a USB to recover it. There, it will only be enough to go to the Windows login screen, type an incorrect password to show us the option to recover the password and answer the established security questions. After that we just write a new password and that’s it.

Even so, there are cases and situations in which there will be no choice but to operate with a USB, so, even if you have the question system activated, you will we recommend that you create one, since it is easy to do and can get us out of more than one scare.

What is a local account?

First of all, let’s see what a local account is exactly. As their own name indicates, these types of accounts are local, that is, they only exist on our computer, so you will not have any type of backup of the Windows configuration, so if you reinstall Windows, nothing of the customization that we have achieved for this profile will be kept.

login Windows 10

Create a USB

As we already told you lines above, always it’s ok to have a usb ready to recover our password, it is not going to be that the question system does not work correctly or that, not only have we forgotten the password, but we also do not know the answers to the questions.

It is a very safe system to recover the password and we know that this will work for us, even if our memory fails with the password. We just have to remember where we left the USB.

Let’s see how to achieve it by following a few simple steps:

  • First of all, we must make sure that we have logged in with local account we want to pass to USB.
  • Now we connect the USB flash drive to our PC. Although creating a disk to reset the password will not reformat the USB flash drive, we should make a previous backup of the data that we want to keep before continuing with the process.
  • In the search box on the taskbar, we type create disk to reset password, and then we choose Create a password reset disk in the results list.
  • In the forgotten password wizard, select Next.
  • We select the USB flash drive and click on Next.

recover windows password

  • We write the current password and click again on Next.
  • As soon as the wizard finishes, we select Finalize.
  • We remove the USB drive and keep it in a safe place, mainly so that we know where it is. Something important that you should know is that we will not have to create a new disk when changing the password, even if we change it several times.

Account security questions

If, in addition to creating a USB drive, we also want to configure the security questions that will allow us to recover the password in case we forget it, we will achieve it with a few very simple and easy steps:

  • We write in the search bar of the taskbar Login options and in the search that is launched, click andn that same.
  • Then we must put the Password of our local account.
  • Now is the time when we have to configure the whole topic of the questions. We see that it gives us the possibility of putting up three different questions with their corresponding answers. They should be easy questions, but with answers that are not the obvious ones that everyone puts.

Windows questions

Change account password

If we want to change the password that we currently have in our local account, the steps to follow are extremely simple.

  • We only have to put in the search bar of the taskbar Login options and click on the option that appears in the search with the same name.
  • Then we must go to Password and press where it says Change.

change password Windows

  • At that moment a new tab will open where it asks us for the Current password.
  • Then it will ask us for the new one, a repetition and a beginning password.
  • From there our password will already be changed from the moment we restart the computer or turn it off.

If we want to remove the password and enter our profile directly, we only have to follow the steps that are practically the same as those of changing the password, but with a difference. Namely:

  • We write in the search bar of the taskbar Login options and click on the option that comes out in the search with the same name.
  • Then we will Password and click on Change.
  • Now it will ask us to put the Current password.
  • Then it will ask us for the new one. At that time we do not put anything in any of the options that are presented to us.
  • From this moment it will not ask us for any type of password to enter our profile, something that can be very comfortable, but has less security.

With everything we have told you, you will be able to handle everything related to the passwords of a local account, both the recovery USB, as well as the questions to reach the same end and everything that the password to enter our profile means. Windows 10.

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