How to create a custom emoji on iPhone

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How to create a custom emoji on iPhone 1

Not so long ago that iOS 13 was presented with great fanfare in the corresponding Apple Keynote and with it, the famous emojis or memoji that the apple company pulled out of its sleeve. We all loved them from the first moment without a doubt. But the point here is that if you have an iPhone with iOS 13 or later and you don’t have them, you are missing a very funny animated emoji from yourself or your friends and family. Therefore, we will try to help you learn to create emoji on iPhone and show off yourself in WhatsApp conversations, Instagram stories or wherever the iPhone lets you paste it.

How to create a custom emoji on iPhone 3

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Let’s say that for those who do not know them yet and explaining a little more about them before getting into their creation, they are literally emojis that look like us and that we edit with different options that iOS offers us so that they become very fun. Those memojis also they will be able to make our gestures and facial expressions, so that you can even use them by sending a video with that face and your voice. They are literally cute and very funny, so we recommend that you keep an eye on this article and read it to the end to learn how to create an emoji on iPhone with iOS 13 or later. Let’s go there with the guide.

How to create emoji on iPhone with iOS 13 or later?

How to create a custom emoji on iPhone 5

You have to know that these memojis or emojis, you can use them outside the iOS system without any problem, but of course, to create them you will always need to have an iPhone or iPad with iOS 13 or later. And also once you create them, you will always have the option to edit them, and for that you will also continue to need the devices of the bitten apple. But once you’ve got the final version of the emoji already You can use it on Facebook Messenger, on WhatsApp and also on Instagram, place where it is used a lot to replace your face and talk to her. Very funny the effect there in case you want to try it first. We are going there with the promised guide on how to create the emoji on iPhone so that you already have your animated and cartoon version.

Step by step to create a memoji on iPhone

To create this type of animated emojis called memojis, you will have to open the messages application on your iOS mobile phone or on an iPad. It is true that you can create it in WhatsApp Also, but it can be a bit more cumbersome, that’s why we have opted for this app. Once you open it, you have to choose the conversation that you want and go directly to the Animojis function that you will find right in the app bar (it looks like a monkey).

Now you will see that the app lets you add more with the option to press the “+”, you have to press it to add more. Now it will let you create an emoji or memoji. Once you are creating your emoji on iPhone you will be able to customize the shape of the head, the style you want it to have, the color of the hair, the beard and a thousand other things such as skin tone, freckles, spots, color in the cheeks … In short, you have a thousand customization options that you can discover little by little.

We recommend that you make yourself, but we also warn you that once your friends or family and partner see that you have created yourself, they will ask you for one too and you will have to customize many more memojis. Surprise yourself with glasses, hats and different expressions, you will have a great time. Once you have finished editing, you can press the ready button to finish.

How to create a custom emoji on iPhone 7

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Where can you use the emoji or memoji that you have created on your iPhone or iPad?

When you have it ready and already finalized with all the pertinent editions, you will be able to use it in any compatible application that lets you insert emojis, that is, in almost all of them. For example, if what you want is to surprise someone recording a video with your voice but with the face of the memoji you will be able to use the iOS messages app without any problem. You can also use it in Apple’s FaceTime so that the emoji appears instead of your face and there we guarantee that that conversation will be laughter.

If you want to leave the iOS Apple ecosystem a bit and want to use these memojis or emojis in any conversation, you will have them available in the same place where you find the typical emojis that everyone uses. That is to say, if we go to WhatsApp you have to click on the button that you usually press to add an emoji of a yellow face and on the left, you should find these personalized memojis of you.

Also, and as we told you before, you can use them on Facebook Messenger (exactly the same as with WhatsApp) and on Instagram, although here the normal thing is that you use it in stories, and it will let you insert it in the same way that you have done with the previous ones, going to the usual emojis section. You do not lose any app since they will always be in the place of the rest of the usual emojis.

We hope this article has been helpful and that from now on you will know how to create an emoji on iPhone and get to have the best personalized memoji of all iOS. If you have any doubts, questions or suggestions about the post, you can leave it in the comments box that you will find at the end of this article so that we can read it to you. You can also tell us how that creation went and how cool the memoji you have made has been. See you in the next Android Help article.