How to create a Clubhouse account for Android

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Through their pop-up voice or audio messages, we can join different rooms to deal with all kinds of topics. Its success has been so great that the app already has more than a million users spread all over the world. In fact, its growth rate will increase in the coming months, as it will soon be available for all devices Android. If you don’t know exactly what Clubhouse is about and how it works, we’ll tell you all about it below.

Why couldn’t you use this social chat network (officially)

clubhouse app

The application was officially launched in May 2020, although it was only available for devices ios. In addition, Clubhouse is not available to all audiences, since it can only be accessed through a invitation. Faced with this problem, a Russian programmer named Gregory Klushnikov, had an idea to be able to access it on all Android devices. Is about Houseclub, and it is nothing more than an unofficial version of the original for those of us who do not have a device Manzana.

You should know that to have access to Houseclub, you have to receive an invitation, just like in Clubhouse. This is done so that the original application is protected from third parties and not taken advantage of. Thus, if we use this non-original app, we may be expelled from the service and not be able to access the official one later. The decision depends entirely on each one, although it is not recommended to gamble, since this app has many disadvantages. For starters, we can’t create chat rooms, we don’t have access to different topics or categories, and we can’t add or follow other users.

But not everything is going to be bad news. Among the advantages it includes, the app offers the basic functions of the official version. To begin with, we can access the rooms to interact and listen to other users through the links they send us, put the podcasts in the background to listen to it with other open applications and we can know if the members leave or join each room in real time.

There is an application called Clubhouse on Google Play

If in the search bar of Google Play we start to look if Clubhouse is available, we find an application with the same name. A priori everything suggests that it is the original social network, but the truth is that It has nothing to do with it one with the other. It is a kind of project manager to optimize the organization of tasks and the monitoring of a job, so it is completely antagonistic to the original app. In fact, it has received a lot of criticism on Google Play, as according to users it is a way of cheating.

Club House
Club House

Steps to create a Clubhouse account on Android

clubhouse app

As we said, we must wait until the next May 21th so that it reaches all Android devices around the world. Although it has been available in the United States for a few weeks, in this short time it has received a great reception from the American public. But if you don’t want to wait until the official launch day, you can anticipate events and download the application on your mobile through APK Mirror. Of course, remember that you must have received the invitation beforehand. You can also sign up to access the closed beta on Google Play In the following link. To use Clubhouse on your Android mobile, you must follow the following steps:

  • When you’ve downloaded the app, open it.
  • Then write the number phone number you used to create the account.
  • On the next screen you will be asked for a PIN that was sent to you during the creation process. Enter it and voila, you already have the app available.

How to join rooms and talk to people

clubhouse conversation

Once you have created your account, you will be able to access their rooms or conversations. You may to create one yourself or join to one where there are people talking. The number of people who can speak is limited, so we will just listen to the talk. However, we can raise our hands and ask to be allowed to speak, and the moderator or creators of the room will give us permission or not. Conversations, on the other hand, are not recorded nor can you be played back after it ends, so you should be careful not to miss anything.

If you want to create your own room, you must follow the following steps:

  • Open the application and touch the icon of the calendar that appears at the top of the screen. When you are shown the following screen, tap on the same icon with a «+«.
  • Now you will see the screen of New Event. Here you can write the name of this, add a moderator and set the date and time.
  • Add the description of the event.
  • Finally, press the button To post that appears in the upper right. You may share it through your social networks and copy the link.
  • You can find your events in the tab Upcoming events for you. On My events, you will find all the ones you have programmed.

If you want join to one already created, you can do it through two different methods:

  • The first method is through the section To explore. You can search for conversations classified by topic in your search engine.
  • The second method is by making use of the calendar. By clicking on the icon, you will see all the events that will start soon. You can add reminders to notify you when it starts.
  • When you’re ready, you just have to click on the one you want to access.