How to counter sprinkles in a game

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Table of Contents

We already know that the letter is very ‘broken’ as they say colloquially in the world of games. I mean, it has quite a bit of power and is quite superior to many of the other cards in the Supercell title.

Clash Royale

What you should know about Chispitas in Clash Royale

The first thing to know is that it is a tremendously complicated card in a double way. First because of the power that we have already commented previously, and secondly because it is a letter of legendary rarity. This implies that it does not usually appear too many times, so we usually do not know how to counter it or defend ourselves from that powerful card. It is difficult to obtain in Clash Royale, since it can be obtained from the chests once the Arena 11.

counter sprinkles clash royale

Keep in mind that only Sparks can kill a tower of crowns in no time. In fact, it only takes a companion as Valkyrie to take down small troops like Skeletons, Spear Goblins or Goblins. And it is not one of the fastest cards when it comes to changing objectives, but eventually it ends up doing a lot of damage.

Due to its great damage, it is very useful against troops with a lot of life, in addition to that if it intercepts against the tower, it will cause great damage. His performance on the board is to roll towards the targets and shoot lightning at close range. Therefore, it can be used perfectly against a Golem, Hound or PEKKA and without ruffling. All this information already gives us an indication of what the strategy to use against Chispitas may be.

How to counter Chispitas

Probably, one of the best cards to counter Sparks in Clash Royale are the air troops, and more specifically, the Horde of Minions. They are fast troops that, unlike the Mini Dragon, are deployed much earlier to the Chispitas area. Similarly, other spell cards such as Lightning, Rocket or Fireball They are also effective against Sparks, with Rocket being the most damaging to this card.

counter clash royale guards

If for some reason we do not have air charts, we can also opt for ground units. The key to Chispitas is to wrap it, because if we throw one troop of Guards right in its center, these troops will be positioned on either side of Sparks, creating a belt that is hard to beat. Even if the Skeletons are at level 1. The card takes 5 seconds to charge its attack, it is that moment that we must take advantage of to attack it.

In the same way it happens if we throw some Barbarians, in the event that we do not have any of these aforementioned letters. Also, keep in mind that this way our rival will have spent more elixir than us, specifically 6 units of elixir compared to 5 ours. It will leave us enough space to counterattack with a Hog Rider or Princess.

counter sparkles clash royale minionsDark prince It is also a good card that we can use by throwing it a bit away from Sparks, so that the tower of crowns can hit it several times until the prince arrives. In this way, we will have once again surpassed the rival in elixir and we will have another card in rotation to counterattack. Finally, letters like the Electric Magician or Electric Dragon They are also useful, since they will restart their attack, like the Tombstone, or the Goblin Hut, which create troops at a fast speed, causing Sparks to waste their attacks.