How to counter PEKKA with your own deck

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Table of Contents

We already know that this knight is a powerful card, one of the most demanded in the game. It is a real blessing when we have it in favor, but an ordeal if it is the rival who throws that letter at us. Keep in mind that it is the card that does the most damage to the tower of crowns if it is not defended.

Clash Royale

How to counter PEKKA in Clash Royale

You have to be clear about the synergies that PEKKA has with other Clash Royale cards. In this way, it can be supplemented with Shock, Baby Dragon, Arrows, Executioner, Lightning, Bandit, Princess and Electric Magician. Obviously we can combine it with more cards, but these are the ones that create the most synergies.

counter pekka clash royale witch

Make counter is an expression that is used in Clash Royale to refer to those situations in which we want nullify or evade the power of a card when the rival throws it towards one of our towers. In this case, and as you can already guess, to counter we have to have some of the aforementioned cards in our deck. Specifically, the Baby Dragon is a card that comes in handy to nullify the power of PEKKA.

And the question is, why? It turns out that the PEKKA can only attack ground troops. This means that air units like the Baby Dragon or even Minions can safely attack him without being damaged. In addition, we can also choose to use cards from multiple units such as the Skeleton Army, the Horde of Minions and the Infernal Tower, which with high probability can easily kill the PEKKA. Be careful though, because these can be evaded if arrows or lightning are used.

How to place the cards to counter PEKKA

Apart from knowing the cards that we must use to counter PEKKA, it is also necessary to know how to place them on the board. That makes the difference between a good counter or that ends up destroying the tower. We remember that PEKKA does almost a thousand points of damage to the crown towers, so in three hits it can be destroyed.

The only exception is if we throw the Skeleton Army, that we can practically launch them on any line on the board, since it is the most effective card against PEKKA. However, if we throw a Gang of GoblinsWe must do it in the middle line and in the upper part, near the bridges. In this way, we will prevent the PEKKA from continuing towards the tower, being trapped by the network of goblins. The same situation occurs with Guards

counter pekka horde of minions

Regarding the Barbarians, try to throw them away as late as possible. The reason is that they die with just one hit from the PEKKA, so we must wait for the tower of crowns to also do damage and that is when the Barbarians must surround the knight. The same is not the case with Horde of Minions or the Baby Dragon, since the PEKKA does not attack the air units, so it is advisable to shoot them as soon as possible to end the powerful card.