How to convert JPG and PNG images from Android

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Table of Contents

Convert an image from one format to another it is a very simple task. Doing it from an Android mobile device is possible using a specific application. But, you can also carry out this task using an online converter. Both methods are explained in detail in this article.

Go from JPG or PNG to other formats on Android with apps

Image Converter is a very simple tool that will allow you to transform the format of the images stored on your mobile. You can download it using the link you have on this page.

Once installed in your terminal, open it and select the image you want to convert by clicking on Select images to Convert.

Select images to convertSelect images to convert

Grant the appropriate permission for Image Converter to access the storage.

Storage permissionsStorage permissions

Use the browser to choose the original image. In this case, we have used a JPG image. Similarly, you can convert graphics with any other format, such as PNG or WEBP.

Select filesSelect files

Now, it is time to specify the resulting format of the conversion. You can convert your image to JPG, PNG, WEBP, GIF or PDF.

Select output formatSelect output format

If you export to JPG, the option Fill transparency with allows you to specify the color with which Image Converter should fill transparencies, if they exist.

Fill transparencyFill transparency

You can also choose the final quality of the image. Remember that reducing the quality will allow you to minimize the size of the converted file.

Select image qualitySelect image quality

To finish, click on Convert.

Start conversionStart conversion

If you want to see all the converted files, use a file explorer and open the folder Image Converter. Inside you will find all your conversions classified by formats.

Go from JPG or PNG to other formats on Android without apps

To save yourself installing the app, use an online service to convert your favorite images. A highly recommended one is Convertio. Access it from any browser and then choose your files by pressing Choose files.

Choose files in ConvertioChoose files in Convertio

Then, select the format using the drop-down on the right side of the screen.

Choose resulting formatChoose resulting format

Use the button Convert to start the process.

Download converted fileDownload converted file

Wait for the conversion to finish, and then download the file in its new format.

Start the file conversionStart the file conversion

In this case, the converted files are saved in the Download folder. From there, you can copy, move, or upload them to the cloud, if necessary.