How to control your Mi Home devices with Alexa

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Xiaomi is one of the leading technology companies in Spain and beyond its mobile devices, its ecosystem of connected products within Xiaomi Mi Home is increasingly extensive, including lights, smart plugs or even more specific products such as rice cookers, toothbrushes. teeth and even a smart heater like the one we were able to review.

Xiaomi’s home automation system can be controlled from the Mi Home application and is constantly updated to be as versatile as possible, adding functions such as Android 11 shortcuts and integrating with voice assistants such as Google Home and Alexa. Today we teach you how to integrate the platform so that you can control your supported devices with Amazon Echo.

How to integrate Xiaomi home automation with Alexa

One of the strengths of Alexa, the assistant that we have in mind in the Amazon Echo, is its ability to expand its functions through theskills. Askill it would be the equivalent of installing an application for the voice assistant, which is capable of adding new features or expanding functions. In the case of Xiaomi, the company has severalskillsto integrate your home automation platform.

How to control your Mi Home devices with Alexa 1

  • The first step is to open the Alexa application on our mobile, which you should have installed to configure your Amazon Echo.
  • In the bottom bar we appreciate 5 buttons: Start, Communication, Play, Devices and More.Click on More.
  • We select the optionSkills and Games.

How to control your Mi Home devices with Alexa 2

  • After pressing it we will enter the Skills menu. At the top right we will see a button shaped like a magnifying glass. We click on it.
  • We write Xiaomi Home.
  • Several results will appear in the search, we select the one with the Xiaomi Mi Home logo.

How to control your Mi Home devices with Alexa 3

  • By pressing it we will go to the Xiaomi Home section. Click on the buttonAllow its use.
  • When pressing it, it will take us to a website where we will have to enter our Xiaomi account.
    • It is essential that the Xiaomi account that we link is the same one that we are using in the Mi Home application.

Once linked, it will show us a success message and invite us to link and configure our Mi Home devices in Alexa. Depending on the device that we use, it will have more or less capacities, and although the cameras or bulbs have quite a few functionalities, in the case of devices such as the heater the only possible options are to turn it on or off. It is not a big problem because the integration with Alexa does not exclude Mi Home and you can continue to use the application.

How to control your Mi Home devices with Alexa 5


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